Gardenscapes Levelling Guide

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This post will compile a list of level walkthroughs that people usually have issue with, so please feel free to ask you question below, we will post the level ASAP.

Level 44 Guide: 

This level is not really difficult, you should focus on breaking the acorns first to earn yourself some space. Both rockets or bombs can deal sufficient damage in the stage, you don’t need to save rainblow blast for a full blow because you do have sufficient amount of moves to finish this level quite easily. Please check the video below.

Level 54 Guide:

This level is a bit difficult, you will need to grow and collect flowers and gnome as you go along in this game.

What i suggest you to do is focus on corner, don’t try to go all over the map, you should be able to find blue bombs and rockets easily, because you have quite some space to find matches in this. Please check the video walkthrough below:

Level 63: 

In this level you have ton of moves, with tons of frozen fruit to defrost :D. I actually kind of hate this type of level, you don’t have much choices but to earn as many bombs/ rockets as you can, earn rainbow blasts and blast the hell outta it.

The best advice i can give is that focus on getting bombs/ rockets, don’t bother collecting water drops at the early stage of this level, those can be automatically collected once you proceed further in this map.

Video Walkthrough: 

Level 65 Guide:

This level is a bit sketchy, you will have a hard time finding bombs when you are at the early stage of the level. The way to beat it is focus on 1 side until you break all the boxes, when you have 1 side clear, it will be a lot easier for you to get blue bombs, you won’t have any problem dealing with the other side. You can check the illustration bellow.

Level 70 Guide:

In this level, you will need to grow flowers as well as collecting leaves and flowers. This level is pretty difficult, so the first thing to bare in mind is try to go as slow as possible. Don’t waste your moves.

My suggestion for this level is try to clear from the top to the  bottom, if you are having a hard time finding bombs/ rockets at the start of the game, try to get some matches to break some wooded boxes, it will be easier for you to find bombs/ rockets/ rainbow blasts.

Video Walkthrough:

Level 77 Guide:

This level is generally easy, at the early stage, breaking ices is good to have, but i don’t recommend it, you should focus on finding bombs. Because you will need to break the 2 ices on the far right and the far left, which can only be done with rainbow blast, blue bombs or above. Please check the video walkthrough below.

Level 80 Guide:

In this level, you are blessed with 2 blue bombs on top, to win this game, at first, you need to move the 2 blues bomb down to the middle of the map, and blow them at the edge of the map to clear 2 half of each side.

After using 2 bombs, try to get 2 more bombs to get rainbow blast, then the rest of the game is relatively easy, please check the walkthrough video below.

Level 83 Guide:

This level is relatively easy, same strategy with level 65, you will have a hard time matching bomb at the early part of the game. I suggest you to focus on breaking as many wood boxes on 1 side as possible, it will then be a lot easier to earn bombs when you clear all of those boxes on 1 side.

After you clear all the ice, don’t move to the other side, you should focus on finding bombs on the side you started, you should be clear all the rest relatively easy, please check the walkthrough video below.

Level 84: 

Level 84 is relatively hard, i wouldn’t say it is easy because the structure of the map is quite tempting for the count down map.

My advice: don’t rush and try to make as many moves as possible wishing to match bombs on luck, it doesn’t work, you will end up wasting your time that matching any bombs.

In this level, you have approximately 2 minutes to clear the map, which is higher than the usual 1.5 minute count down map. Focus on gathering blue bomb not rockets, rockets will do very little damage in this map. You can see the illustration below:

Level 87 Guide:

This level is pretty annoying, because at the beginning, you have the upper right and lower left frozen. In this level, you shouldn’t have any issue with finding rockets/ bombs. But the amount of moves in this level is quite limited.

What i suggest you is focus on your left side first, try your best to avoid earning rockets, earn bombs instead, because rockets can’t hit the lower left nor the upper right. You can check the video walkthrough below:

Level 94 Guide: 

Level 94 is not the hardest level, but it will definitely give you a hard time if you get carry away.

First off, it is obvious to focus on destroying all boxes, at first, your space is limited, you will have some hard time getting bombs or rockets, but try your best to gather bombs, it will speed up your process by miles. After breaking all boxes, now time for the 2nd part.

Don’t get carried away here, don’t forget that you can find bombs a lot easier on the left side, if you can’t find any good combination on the right side, move to the left side, this way you have higher chance of acquiring rainblow blast, which can be extremely effective in the late game. You can check the video below for more information:

Level 95 Guide:

This level is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is collect 22 gems. The only issue you have now is break all the ground to collect those gems.

This level is relatively easy, the only problem is that it doesn’t give you much moves. What i suggest is that focus on breaking the middle of the map, because it will give you better space to earn rockets/ bombs/ rainbow blasts. Don’t focus on breaking chained fruits, it doesn’t worth it because even after freeing those, the space is still too small to earn rockets/ bombs/ rainbow blasts.

Please check the video walkthrough below:

Level 102: 

This is not a hard level neither an easy one, here are a few of my suggestion:

  • Start from the middle, and spread slowly to 2 sides and deep down. The reason is because at first, the middle is easier to make rockets, you can blew 2 rocks in the middle first, destroy them, from there you can start making bombs and spread from there.
  • Once you finish the the upper part of the map, now it all comes down to bombs, don’t waste your time on rockets now, it won’t do much to help you gain followers.

Video Walkthrough:

Level 105: 

This level is actually not that difficult, but it will require a bit of luck. You only have 15 moves for this level, so don’t be rush. Take your time to scan your map thoroughly.

My suggestion:

  • Focus on bombs more than rockets, rockets do very little damage in this map.
  • If both bombs and rockets can’t be matched, get the bonus first.
  • If even bonus can’t be matched, focus on breaking frozen fruits.

This level will requires a bit of luck because it has a moving chain that can mess things up a lot. But you can always get free lives from the cheat i mentioned in the beginning of this articles.

Video Walkthrough:

Level 110:

This level is 1 hell of an annoying map, the moving almonds are soooo annoying.

First thing first, blow up those frozen fruits in the middle of the map as soon as you have a chance, it is very important, it is a game changer.

You will have a lot of hard time trying to move downward, break as many as you can, once you get a rainbow blasts, use it to collect all almonds, i actually don’t think there is any better way to beat this level other than this strategy.

Video Walkthrough:

Level 137:

This level gives you a lot of moves, but it is actually pretty hard to get bombs nor match anything good.

In this map, don’t focus on breaking boxes in the upper middle, instead, focus on whichever the sides that you can match nice bombs or rockets. Slowly use those to spread into the bottom of the maps, you will have more trouble finish the bottom than the top when you are reaching the end of the game. Only break boxes when you don’t have bombs/ rockets to match from both sides.

Video walkthrough: 

Level 175: 

This level is one hell of a level, very hard but can be solved with a bit of patient.

  • First few steps, break the lower boxes instead of the 2 other sides, you will break more boxes this way.
  • In this level, it is important to break 2-3 rockets/ bombs together, this way, you will earn rainbows a lot faster that blowing 1 rocket/ bomb at a time.
  • Both rockets/ bombs can get the job done in this level, it all comes down to blowing as many as possible at once to earn as many as possible rainbow blasts, without rainbow blasts, it is impossible to win. Period.

Video Walkthrough: 

Level 250: 

This level is one of the hardest i think, but i think it is still beatable.

My suggestion:

  • Break the chain in the middle is extremely important, high chance you will lose if you can’t break those chain at the early stage of the game.
  • After breaking those chain, focusing on getting bombs/ rockets, please focus on only 1 side first, after done with 1 side, move to another side, don’t spread your focus here. Because once you have 1 side done, it will become extremely easy to get bombs and rockets, hence higher chance of getting rainbows. With rainbows, it will be a piece of cake to finish the rest.

Video Walkthrough: 

Level 291:

You got 2 minutes to finish this level, actually this time is quite a lot for this level.

The biggest issue in this level is getting rid of 2 rocks in the upper level of the map, my intake:

  • This level is all about blowing up bombs and get rainbows, with that many spaces in this level, it is actually pretty easy to get free bombs to earn rainbows.
  • Save up rainbows to match 2 rainbow blasts together and blow up the whole map, that is the easiest way to get rid of 2 rocks in the middle of upper map.

Video Walkthrough: 

Level 655:

This level is pretty hard for me, but i managed to beat it, not the hardest, but it definitely need you to be very patient.

To beat this level, you need to be able to clear colored boxes without bombs at the early stage, be patient and break as many boxes as possible at first, if you can match bombs, rockets, do it, both bombs and rockets can get the job done.

Don’t forget, once you clear the main map, you need firework to clear dirts in both sides of the map, at this stage, it is a lot easier to get bombs, don’t focus on rockets at this stage, just bombs to clear fireworks.

Video walkthrough: 

Please feel free to post the level you are having trouble with in the comment section below.

Update #1: Level 54, 70, 87, 95.

Update #2: Level 84 added. 

Update #3: Level 44 and 94 added. 

Update #4: Level 63, 102, 110, 105, 137, 175, 250, 291, 655


  1. I am on level 376. I have been stuck in this phase for two days because the game is stuck in a mode that only allows me to earn keys to unlock treasure chests. It will not let me earn stars to complete tasks. HELP! How can I get back to earning stars?

    1. Wow, you guys are very far away, unfortunately i am not quite there yet so can’t seem to give any solid advice.

      Can you make a video of that video?

  2. Guys,

    Have been working very hard on this game, i am closed to level 250 now.

    Please feel free to ask any questions or give any input here.


  3. Sorry for the late reply guys, level 94 and 44 added. I am closed to level 300 now, i will fully update this post with more high level soon.

    Please do let me know if you have any issue with any level, i will get those upload those as soon as possible.

    1. Hey buddy,

      Sorry for my late reply, i actually have no idea if it works for android, but it works perfectly for my iphone.

      Just make sure that you turn off your network connection and fully close Gardenscapes, it should work on all devices.


    1. Wow that is crazy, i am currently at level 720 right now, i will let you know once i reach level 776. Gotta work harder i guess :D.

  4. Hey guys,

    I just made an update on this posts for requested level in the comment sections.

    Please feel free to post any questions here.


  5. The games says level 389 – but when I look for help videos the level 389 everywhere else is different – it’s collecting pears and butterflies – 3 sections – the butterflies are in the left and right sections moving up a single file vertical tunnel and moving pieces in the middles section affects the sides

  6. How longs it usualy take for new levels to be creted? Any ideas? Stuck aT
    Level 976. They should just redo older levels i stead of just having us look for stupid keys. Thanks either way.

    1. am having hard time at level 300, the problem being I have less than 900 points and no booster. and I totally refuse to buy coins. so I have to wait patiently until I get some booster through the daily spin or I get another round of dog training

  7. I’m completely stuck at level 784. I have looked online and it seems that the play through videos have one less color to worry about, and therefore more chances to make bombs. I seem to have an extra color and this level is impossible. I haven’t even come close!

  8. Now I’m stuck in level 147
    I use all the power ups whenever they appear but still in only 28 moves it is impossible to break all the boxes, chains and so on.

  9. Level 118, it is a hard level. But I looked on YouTube and it is not the same level that 118 says on my game. I am not sure what is the problem , but I have tried for a week and a half, ten or more times a day, to finish the level and I cannot. I cannot find it on youtube to see how it maybe done. The level 118 when u send me an email back I will try to figure out how to send you a picture off my phone to let u see what I am talking about, Please please help.

  10. Hey! I am having a lot of trouble with level 1118. I’ve looked online and my level seems to be different than the videos online. Can y’all help me? Thank you and God bless!

  11. stuck on level 357. quest is 16 crystals and 24 acorns, however when I look for a youtube video the level is completely different. Any suggestions?
    Playing on facebook on my pc

  12. I am on level 389 and on my device, that is the butterglues and green leaves collection. I am dying fast as not amount of moves affects the shift in the two outer lines where butterflies start. Can you help? Please 😔

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