Free Rider HD Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Free Rider is a community based game about a stick figure riding his bike. The objective is to simply choose a stage and reach the end. That sounds simple enough but it isn’t depending on the stage. There are some stages that are easy to complete and some that are hard to do. This is a community driven game so players can make their own stages for other players to complete. Make sure that you use our Free Rider HD hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Free Rider HD is available on iOS.

Master those controls

The controls in Free Rider HD can be a bit tricky because it uses that physics based mechanics. The buttons on the left allow you to accelerate and brake when needed. The buttons on the right allow you to lean to the left or right and turn as well. It is a 2D based game so you’ll be riding your bike in both directions. The physics aspect come in depending on the stage so you may need to lean to the left or to the right to maintain your balance.

Take your time

One thing that you don’t need to do is rush things. Accelerating in some parts of the stages can be good but some players throw a curve ball in spoiling your run. Make sure that you go about each stage steadily. There’s no need to get ahead and use the brake as much as possible so that you don’t fall flat on your back or on your face. There is a timer but that’s like telling you how fast you completed the game.

No need to do tricks

When you’re launched from the ground, there’s no need for you to do tricks in the air unless you want to of course. That is because the game doesn’t reward you for doing so. Just glide through the air and make sure that you land firmly on the ground. The act of leaning left or right is needed to be done here again so that you can land firmly.

Try and try again

Once again some of the tracks in Free Rider HD can be hard. You need to do them over and over again. Doing them over and over again assuming you haven’t finished them yet allows you to grasp what’s ahead. You already know what is going to happen and you can get ahead of it. Plus after all those failures and errors, you’ll be bound to get better. Just try and try again until you beat the stage. You can also redo the stage to get a higher star rating and complete it in a much faster speed. Play as much levels as you would want to in order to get better.

Make your own stages

Making a stage is a good thing that you can do and it takes your mind off playing the game. You can make a stage very easy and some very hard. The catch here is that you need to complete your level first before you can share it for other people play it.

Stick figure bike riding is so much fun with the help of Rouen Gamers Free Rider HD hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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