Footy Golf Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Golf is not a game for everyone since it is not a fast paced game and it requires a lot of analysis. Soccer is also not for everyone but if you combine both of them you get Footy Golf which is for everyone. The game is basically mixing golf and soccer but has a twist to it. It is more or less a 2D puzzle game using trajectory and physics to land the ball to the goal. Have fun with the game with the help of our Footy Golf hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Footy Golf is available on both iOS.

Ignore the golf rules

Footy Golf from the title itself is golf but in some aspects only. The game doesn’t score your progress like if you did a Par 4 or not. Just keep swinging until you’re done with the level. The only downside would be the star rating that you get. The more strokes or the longer it took you to finish the level means the less stars that you can get. Just for the most part ignore the Par and stroke rules and do what you want.

Collect the coins and diamonds

You maybe wondering why it would take one person so long to complete level. In some cases the levels may be long and elaborate but one reason could be gathering a whole lot of coins and diamonds. They are the currencies of the game which you can use for things later on. If you are able to do so, then collect as many if not all of those coins and diamonds. This goes back to where you don’t need to worry about the golf rules unless you want high star ratings.

Get high star ratings

Now if you want to get high star ratings then you can do so. One thing you can do is to get those coins and diamonds after you’ve gotten a satisfactory star rating on your game. Just bear in mind stars don’t really have things to offer other than a nice smile on your face.

Unlock a lot of things

Footy Golf like most games have a lot of things that you can unlock. These include characters and balls. When it comes to the balls there are those that have specific properties and special characteristics to them. You maybe able to take advantage of some of those balls in some levels. Just find out which ball does which. Plus you can always just redo older levels when you have those balls available already.

Use the surroundings

The course layout is very straight forward but sometimes it has a gimmick to it. Try to use the things around the map when you are able to do so. Try to bounce off the ball in certain angles to land shots much faster or get some of those coins and diamonds tucked away. Keep in mind as well to switch balls to find out what more you can do which is like the puzzle element to it.

Don’t take things too seriously in the game but take Rouen Gamers’ Footy Golf hack, cheats, tips and guide with some slight seriousness. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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