Football Manager Mobile 2017 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The game is a digital simulation where you take on the role of a football or soccer manager. You get to hire, trade, fire and use players to your whims. Make your roster diverse but effective and use our Football Manager Mobile 2017 hack, cheats, tips and guide to be the best manager out there.

football manager mobile 2017 hack cheats tips guide

Football Manager Mobile 2017 is available on both iOS and Android.

Choosing a Club

There are a lot of clubs for you to choose from. The best thing to do is to choose a Club that you are familiar with. The more familiar you are with the Club means that you can handle it much better. If you have no idea of the Clubs then choose one that you feel is good for you.

The 4-4-2 formation

When you’re just starting up always go for the 4-4-2 formation. It isn’t the best formation but it helps you get started really good and it also helps you gain a lot of wins early on. The 4-4-2 formation consists of 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers. You can adjust to other formations later on when you get better players. When it also comes to your tactics go for the basic and effective ones. Don’t be too concerned about style and execution but rather go for effectiveness and simplicity.

Searching for your players

When you would want to recruit players then you can easily do it by filtering the search results. Just fill in the search options for your preferred players’ height, stats, position and many more. You can also use your scouts to search for players. They can find better players that you don’t normally find with the regular search options.

The Bosman Rule

Take advantage of the Bosman Rule when you can. This Rule states that you don’t have to pay any Club for any player that are getting from them. You have to make sure that their contracts will expire in 6 months or less. You also have to be sure that the players are not resigning with their respective Clubs.

Make some money

Making money can be done with the use of the Transfer Market. You are basically selling out your players that you wouldn’t need anymore. The higher the player means the more expensive it is to sell. The thing to remember is that your sale won’t sell right away. You can also use the Bosman Rule for this like when you would sell a player that still has a good amount of time left on his contract. Just don’t sell them under 6 months because Clubs won’t pay you in return.

Don’t worry about being a lower tier team and league

Normally you have to start weak. It is harder when you have no idea on how to play the game. You start off as a lower tier team. Don’t worry about it as a lot of people would be starting as well. Just do the previous tips we stated like choosing the club, the 4-4-2 formation and your player line-up. You will slowly rise up the ranks making you a higher tier team. That goes the same for your league as you start off low but slowly climb up. Winning doesn’t always happen which is why you should swap and trade players until you get the right ones.

Mange your team with our Football Manager Mobile 2017 hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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