Football Heroes Online Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Football Heroes Online is American Football done in the most enjoyable and a bit of a whimsical way. You play a 2D based American Football game where you need to form your team with player cards. The art of course is a bit cartoony and the elements of Football are there but with a nice twist. You can use special moves to get ahead in offense and have a sturdy defense. Collect different cards to make up your dream team and play against people from all over the world online. That being said make sure to use our Football Heroes Online hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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Football Heroes Online is available on both iOS and Android.

Play with computer first

It is a good feeling to play against people from all over the world. However you should start first with regular computer based enemies. They can provide a challenge and it doesn’t hurt as much when you lose. The purpose of these computer enemies is so that you can hone your skills for the time being. A little practice can go a long way.

Get and grow players

You get a standard set of players when you start playing. Getting new players can be costly for the most part so make sure to start off with the ones that you have. Instead of getting those Silver or Gold players, grow the ones that you have. This means that you should level up your players. When they get higher in level, they can unlock more abilities and special moves that can help you gain victory much faster. When you do get new players, don’t be hooked in because they are Gold or Silver. Having a high rank is good but it is also good when you know if that player has good abilities to go hand in hand with your play style.

Swap players from time to time

When you have a fully developed team, it can still be a good idea to swap players from time to time. Try to grow other players and see if they can go up the plate. You can play weaker computer enemies so that you can grow new players and form another formidable team formation if you want.

Your offence, defence and fighting

When you go for offence your only two methods of doing so would be to run or pass. Depending on your players you can go for one or the other since you can’t go for a run when your players have good receiving or catching attributes. You should also alternate your offensive plays. This of course especially when you’re playing against other players.

When you’re on the defence, pay attention to the enemy quarterback. When he doesn’t give the ball to perform a run then obviously he will do a pass play. If he hunches back then he’s going for a long pass. You can choose to tackle the quarterback or anticipate where the ball will be passed. The game also functions a bit as a fighting game so when you do engage in a brawl make sure you win it.

Playing American Football is tough so make sure to use our Football Heroes Online hack, cheats, tips and guide to get ahead.

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