Food Evolution Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Food Evolution is a clicking game. The thing about the game is that you need to combine and fuse together food items. It isn’t like in real life where you have to prepare food then cook them. The food combinations in the game can get pretty weird and won’t make any sense. Just like combining two burritos into a slice of watermelon. Combining two whole watermelons into a cupcake and more. You just have to click on the game and combine as many food items as you can. Our Food Evolution hack, cheats, tips and guide can help you combine and evolve food like a pro.

food evolution hack cheats tips guide

Food Evolution is available on both iOS and Android.

Combine food and unlock new areas

The main emphasis of the game is to fuse food for more coins. Each food can produce a specific number of coins. Just an example, a burrito can make 2 cons per tap. A watermelon can make more than that. That is why you need to combine and evolve food since the more evolved the food is, the more coins it will give. When you have enough coins, you can unlock a new area which is good because you can get more food items and get more coins. You don’t have to unlock the new area when you feel you don’t have enough coins at the moment.

Getting a lot of Coins

Getting coins is another part of the game. You can use the coins to buy other food items to get more combinations or the ones that you already have since your goal is to upgrade your food to the highest possible value. One way of getting coins is by doing the missions. Missions can vary but they usually aren’t very hard. Completing missions give you rewards as well as Coins. Make sure to claim the coins before moving on to the next mission as such.

When you have a cat bonus, make sure you use it when you’re doing missions. You do have to to use the cat bonus because you can’t bring it to the next area. Just use the cat bonus on the mission if it grants you a lot of rewards in the process. It also has a limit so once it is used up you can proceed to the next area or just continue tapping on the same area.

Become the Food God

When you’ve evolved a specific number of food, you will become a Food God. The basic benefits of being a Food God is that you can reincarnate. Reincarnating means you get to start from the beginning but you carry over the items and upgrades that you have accumulated in the previous game. Before you reincarnate make sure you spend all your Coins in the upgrades so that they will be carried over. Once you reincarnate you will have new food items to work with and you start the process again.

Nobody really combines and evolve food but in this game you can. Use our Food Evolution hack, cheats, tips and guide to get the best results.

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  1. I need help, I keep reading these and they only give the basics but I have gotten to the food god and so has a friend of mine playing but she got 4 food gods all at once and I am only aloud one for some reason. I’m frustrated Bc I’m getting less money than her and it’s harder for me to get upgrades since I’m getting less money. I love this game and would like to keep playing but I don’t know why I can’t get four food gods.

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