Flippy Hills Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Flippy Hills is a fun game utilizing physics based mechanics. It can be regular progressive game or an endless runner depending on what mode you play. You start off as a chicken and the goal is to simply tap on the screen to flip him until the goal. It sounds easy but there is a challenge to it. One thing is that you need to know how long you have to tap to make sure how high and how long the flip will be. Then of course when you land bad then the run ends. Don’t worry though as you can use our Flippy Hills hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Flippy Hills is available on both iOS and Android.

Be patient

Flippy Hills is not an easy game. Even in the first stage of the regular mode you will be flipping and flopping which will end up in failure too many times. We’re not even exaggerating that you’ll probably fail more than ten times the first time you play and you might get frustrated with it. Just be patient and play through the levels regardless of the number of attempts that you can make.

Learn the tap

One thing you need to learn in this game is to tap. The act of tapping is more than just hitting the screen. You have to tap with the right pressure and the right length so that your character will jump or flip at the right height and distance. Keep in mind that the level’s layout will change. One minute your flipping off a short distance and the next minute you’ll be falling off a large gap. You need to know what tap to do. This is where being patient comes in as it also falls into that trial and error bit. Keep in mind, one bad fall and it is back to the start.

Don’t worry about the coins

You can collect coins during the levels. However most of the time they can be just a distraction. If you’re goal is to just reach the end of the level then proceed with it. Don’t worry about those coins and jut focus on getting to the end. The thing is that if you want to allocate time on harvesting coins then you can do it since even if you fail the levels, you still keep the coins that you’ve gathered.

Get more characters

The coins you get ultimately lead to unlocking more characters. Then again you can also use it as continues but use it if you need to. Unlocking more characters don’t mean that they have an edge but it adds to some replay value to it.

Arcade mode with friends

In Flippy Hills when you feel that you got the skills already then challenge your friends or other people online. This is basically like a race but you can’t just race with speed. You need precision and that’s where the above tips come in hand. The first one to reach the finish line first wins or the first one to land bad loses.

Get to the goal as quick and as painless as you can with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Flippy Hills hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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