Flippy Bottle Extreme Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Flippy Bottle Extreme is a take on those bottle flipping games. Flipping a bottle in real life sounds easy but it actually isn’t. You need to flip the bottle in the air and make sure that lands on its base. It could also land on its cap but that’s a fail of course. Now Flippy Bottle Extreme does take it to the extreme. You are flipping a bottle in the game with the use of your fingers by swiping on the screen to make sure that it lands on its base. The other thing is that you have to make it land on the next piece of platform which is tricky but it doesn’t have to be with our Flippy Bottle Extreme hack, cheats, tips and guide.

flippy bottle extreme hack cheats tips guide

Flippy Bottle Extreme is available on both iOS and Android.

The game’s physics and angle mechanics

The basic gameplay mechanic is to just swipe your finger on the screen to make the bottle fly in the air as if you’re flipping it with your hand in real life. The only problem is that while it does sound easy it actually is pretty hard to pull off. You need to flip your bottle to the next platform while landing on the bottle’s base. The other things that make it hard is that you need to figure out the trajectory, the height and the distance of the bottle.

The following platforms change positions. The platform could be near or it could be far. It could also be in a position where you have to flip the bottle where the platform is above or below so that adds a nice challenge to it. The thing you have to be mindful about is how to estimate the things needed to make your bottle land. It can’t be easy but doing it repeatedly can give you an idea of the game’s mechanics and physics.

Try endless mode

When you’re still having a hard time playing the game due to the lack of knowing the game’s physics and mechanics then practice in endless mode. There are different modes that you can play on but endless mode can be your friend. Endless basically allows you to keep on playing even after failed attempts to flip it. You won’t gain any prizes from it but rather the ability to get better at the game. Just be patient and keep on practicing with endless mode to get to know the game much better.

The right finger to use

Most people play with their thumbs but there are some instances when that can work against you. Your thumb is your biggest finger so that can alter the trajectory of your bottle. If you try different fingers then you may notice that the trajectory and height as well as distance can change. Most people say it is ideal to use your index finger due to it being small but again experimenting is good to see which finger is useful for most instances.

Flipping bottles seem like a chore but with our Flippy Bottle Extreme hack, cheats, tips and guide you can do it with ease.

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