Flip Diving Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Interested in diving, but can’t find a fun mobile game to play? Well, your search is over, introducing Flip Diving by Miniclip. This game lets you dive from various creative platforms and perform tricks that you need to unlock as you go deeper into the game. You can also choose from a variety of divers, from athletic and sporty types to a weight-lifter, who’s quite possibly most suicidal diver ever! Without further ado, here are our Flip Diving hack and cheats list to help you begin your career!

flip diviving hack, cheats, tips and guide

Jump away from the platform!

You pretty much need to learn the diving, tucking, and straightening on your own, but first, you have to learn how to jump away from the cliff/tree/platform. Wait for your diver to lean forward a bit before release. Otherwise, you’ll end up jumping too close to the wall, hitting it, and starting over. Tap to make the jump, hold to do somersaults, estimate how much you need to tap-hold to straighten the diver, and release just before you enter the water. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a tucked position and either back-or-belly-flop.

Collect coins!

Collect the coins mid-air but not to the point of your demise! You can earn them or use the coin magnet by watching videos but only when there are actual ads to view. Patience is key if you want to collect enough to unlock new tricks, characters, or diving areas!


Unfortunately, this game is notoriously stingy when it comes to coins and bonuses. You can however replay over and over to earn more of these important items for use in unlocking and moving forward into the game.

Perfect your dive!

Naturally, you’ll need to dive in the best manner possible. Consider good height, more flips, few splashes, and clean entry to get the best scores and coins. You’ll be given a rating right after you enter the water and each successful string of dives improves your coin earnings and points!

Collect freebies and bonuses!

Aside from the videos and the magnets, you can collect a free spin for new tricks to try daily. If you think that one trick per day is too long for you to wait for, you can also have them through in-app purchases! However, it is always much better to enjoy the game without spending too much real money on locations, divers, or whatnots.

Don’t forget to record your best dives!

You can even save and share your best dives for bragging rights and for inspiration. Let us warn you, though, that the game highly discourages a player to try all of the tricks in real life—and yes, even diving in a penguin suit, despite how fun and feasible it may sound like for you!

Date glitch!

Aaaand, the best part is that it is possible to earn daily freebies by using the date glitch where you tweak the date settings and move your device’s date a day forward. Sweet, eh?

There you have it, our useful Flip Diving hack and cheats! Try this crazy game now if you’re looking for a break from the Pokemon, Go! mania and don’t forget to comment and add a few tips below!

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