Fish & Trip Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Fish & Trip is a game that has an endless runner element to it. Instead of being an endless runner, it is more like an endless swimmer. You control a fish by swiping on the screen to make them swim to a certain direction. You can build up to get more fish on your side and make it a school. Get those eggs and avoid the enemy fishes that will try to eat you up. Once all of your fishes are gone then the run is over. Make sure to use our Fish & Trip hacks, cheats, tips and guide to get better.

Fish & Trip is available on both iOS and Android.

Log in daily

Logging in daily is needed to be done in Fish & Trip. You get some daily rewards for it however there is something you should check. Whenever you would claim a reward, there is a timer that will go down indicating how much time will be left until the next reward pops up. The timer usually starts around 30 minutes and it goes up more every time you claim it so just keep that in mind.

Be quick about it

Speed is always your friend in this game. You need to swipe fast and furious. It doesn’t matter where you swipe as long as you don’t go to where enemy fishes are. While you need to be quick about it, there is no time limit. You can be basically swim for seconds not getting anything as long as you’re avoiding other enemy fishes. Just be quick on your reflexes to swipe away and be safe.

The more fish you have the better, maybe

There are fishes that you can get when you play the game and we are talking about when you’re doing a run. These fishes will be added to your group and slowly your group gets bigger. This is good because even if you lose some of those fishes, you won’t be out of the game just yet and you can get more fish again as the game continues. The problem later on is that the bigger your group becomes, the more enemy fishes it attracts as well as eating those fishes in your group that are on the outside. In a sense your group can only be at a certain size which is good in a way.

Get more types of fish

Aside from the fish that you can get, there are eggs that you can get on Fish & Trip. These eggs are different from the coins that you can get as well. When you collect enough eggs, you can unlock a fishing segment that allows you to hook fish. If you successfully do so then you can unlock a type of fish. You can also just buy the fish types when you have the coins to do so. Just keep in mind that these fishes are just for looks and don’t have any kind of specific abilities to help you get better at the game.

Swim for your fishes’ life with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Fish & Trip hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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