Fight List Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The name Fight List gives you the impression that it is some kind of fighting game or an action packed one. That of course is not true as Fight Light requires you to use your brain more than being fast and strong. The game is a text based game where you have to write words pertaining to the topic. The high point of the game is that you play against other people online. You compete in building up a list of words against other people online. After a series of rounds, whoever has the most points wins the game. Compete with other people online with the help of our Fight List hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Fight List is available on both iOS and Android. 

Be fast when typing

The main point of the Fight List is to type words pertaining to the given topic or the round. Just like if the topic is Ice Cream Flavors, then you need to type words under those varieties. Speed is of the essence as you have a timer per topic. The more words you type means the more points you can rack assuming that they are correct of course. You have to be fast when it comes to how you type. Then again most people are constantly texting or chatting so their typing skills can already be deemed good enough.

Come up with words fast and spell right

Going back to the topic of ice cream, you will need to write the right words to earn points. Let’s just say the words would be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha and others. Depending on the words, the points earned can vary. Mochan and strawberry can earn 1 point, while vanilla can be 2 points and chocolate being 3 points as the highest. Your objective at the moment should be to just come up with as many words as fast as possible.

Don’t worry about which words have 3 or 2 points. Just pump up as many words as you can so that even if you’re doing 1 points you can rack up on a lot instead of coming up with 3 point words that take you much time to think. Now you also need to spell these words right. The game doesn’t have an auto-correct so if you press enter with a word that is spelled wrong then you get no point. You can spell it again correctly so you’ll only lose time.

Get some help

If you’re playing against other people online then you can encounter some very formidable players. There are those that can be good with coming up of words that you might not even know. The good thing here is that you can ask someone for help. Two or more heads are better than one so have another friend or family join you in competing against other people when playing Fight List. It isn’t cheating of course as it is all in good fun. Then again this isn’t doable when you’re competing with friends locally.

Coming up with words can be very mind boggling but with the help of our Fight List hack, cheats, tips and guide you can get ahead a bit.

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