It Is Called FIFA Mobile and not FIFA 17

fifa mobile

The FIFA series in terms of videogames is one of the longest running soccer or as some would call it as football franchises around. The games have invaded PCs, consoles and of course mobile devices. The previous installment FIFA 16: Ultimate Team was originally supposed to be called FIFA Mobile. Whatever the reason is the game still came out as Ultimate Team. The new version FIFA 17 will be called FIFA 17 and it will hitting mobile devices like iOS and Android in September 28, 2016. The rumors are floating around that FIFA Mobile will be the definitive FIFA game for mobile devices. This means that there will be no FIFA 18 or 19 presumably as all updates will be made on FIFA Mobile.

That is right, instead of releasing new games per year, the people at EA decided to simply update the game whenever they would release new content or not. The game already looks visually appealing so the only updates that they can do would be events and gameplay mechanics. There are some interesting aspects and the one area that EA are focusing on is multiplayer and online play. Players love playing against other people online. They also decided to add a League or something like a Guild system. This allows players to join a group where they can compete and dominate for points giving their Guild some bragging rights. Then of course the same mechanics of building your team and playing soccer is still there. FIFA Mobile is proving to be interesting and let’s see how well it does.

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