Fate/Grand Order Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Fate/Grand Order is another game from the FATE series. If you’re not familiar with it, the FATE series is a couple of visual novels, anime and videogames that involve masters and servants. Basically a master summons a servant to fight in a war or some kind of instance. The servants are spirits of heroes from ancient times, lores and stories. This game is a card based tactical RPG where you are in command of numerous servants in a battle. You will be given different tasks and objectives in different areas. Just follow them and command your servants with the help of our Fate/Grand Order hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Fate/ Grand Order is available on both iOS and Android.

Don’t worry about familiarity

When playing Fate/Grand Order you don’t have to worry about the lore behind the characters. The game does explain the characters if you’re interested about it. However those that are familiar with the characters will know what they can do and what their builds usually are. The game itself is story driven so basically you can just read along the way.

A choice of servants

Early on you get to use servants that are given to you but you do start off with a number of them. Understanding the servants is one thing that you should do. Just like many games, the servants represent different classes which is good because they have classes in the series as well. Remember the basics that each servant or class has specific attributes ranging from power, speed and many more. When it also comes to the areas where you are allowed to choose servants then have a good lineup. You can only bring or use a number of heroes in specific areas. When you are able then just have a good lineup.

Doing the missions

The game is divided into areas where players can enter and do the missions given to them. Later on some of the missions get hard and you may need to get better. The usual things to do would be to redo and play finished levels for more experience and others. In some cases you could just have the right lineup of servants. In some cases you don’t need to have a well balanced lineup. There are times when a party of pure offense is good. If you are getting pummeled in these levels then just adjust and know what the enemies can do to plan ahead.

A few battle tips

The card game aspect of Fate/Grand Order comes into play during these battles. Depending on your luck of the draw you may end up getting a good or bad hand. That’s not a bad thing which is why before you get into battle, arrange your cards so that you get a nice deck. The other thing is that when you battle, you don’t always have to use all your characters but of course that would depend on your draw. Just remember to reshuffle your characters and cards when you they don’t work.

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