Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide is a downloadable multi-player game that is similar in concept with the io games and the Hungry Shark series, where you play as a fish that devours anything smaller in its way. The concept of this game is to eat as much and grow as big as you can in a given time, and to avoid being eaten by bigger fish. It has all of the elements that you are looking for in this type of game, but the best part is that you can play different types of fish, evolve them, fill your coffers with coins and premium seashell currency, and more! Here are our hack and cheats to help you get started.

EatMe io hack cheats tips guide is available on both iOS and Android.

Devour everything in your way!

Look for smaller fish, turtles, and other creatures until you get bigger. Initially, you’ll only be able to eat really tiny dots that are scattered around the water. Always shoot for the dark-coloured ones because they can make you grow quicker—twice the time it will take you if you only ate the light-coloured ones. Eat whatever fish you can, it doesn’t matter how big or small, you’ll get the points for the number, not the size of what you ate. However, be careful of obstacles that can stun or kill your fish like mines and bigger fish that are out to hunt the smaller ones like you.

All fish are not created equal!

Each fish has an ability that you can use for hunting and getting away from enemy fish. Try out everything that is available to see which fish is the one that you are most comfortable playing and test what ability works best for your playing style!

Complete quests and collect rewards!

Earn sea shells and coins every time you complete daily quests! You may use these to unlock fish bowls and glass chests that contain gold and other items that you can use to evolve your fish. The more expensive the bowls, the better the rewards that you’ll get. You may also watch videos and fulfil regular quests in exchange for coins and seashells.

Cover more feeding area using fish skills!

One of the most popular skills is the splitting skill. You can divide your fish into smaller ones to cover a wider area for eating. Just make sure to avoid getting eaten because once you do, you’ll revert back to a smaller size than you were before you split your fish.

Evolve your fish!

Unlock fish forms and max-evolve them to make them more powerful. Since evolving them cost game currency, you’ll have to pick the one that you think has better abilities and focus on evolving that fish first. Otherwise, you won’t get to max-evolve either quickly. Always go back to the shop to see if there are things that you can buy to improve your game. Selections will refresh daily, so keep an eye out for free or superb deals.

Compete with other players!

Tournaments are a great way to score more rewards and get your name seen on the leader board. You can earn coins, sea shells, fish bowls, and parts that you can use for evolution. Do your best and aim for the first few spots of the score board. You can invite your friends in exchange for more rewards as well. You’ll receive valuable sea shells if you can get one of your FB friends to join.

There you have it! Our hack and cheats list! Hope you get something good out of it and don’t forget to share your game stats and tips by commenting below


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