Drop’d Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Drop’d is an interesting game where your character is on moving platform. Your goal is basically to time your taps right so that your character will drop down to the next moving platform. On these platforms, there could be power ups and items that you can use. Just make sure to be accurate when you make your drops because if you fall off then the run is over. It is an endless runner type of game so make sure to aim for the highest scores that you can do with the help of our Drop’d hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Drop'd hack cheats tips guide

Drop’d is available on iOS.

Time your drops

One challenging part is that when dropping, the platforms are moving. There could be an instance where the platform you are on is moving really fast and the other platform is moving slow. It could be the opposite where the platform you are on is slow and the one you drop to is fast. Timing is everything hence you need to be patient when tapping to make a successful drop. Another thing that can be a challenge is that the platform’s size. Platforms can be big or small and the annoying part is that they can be alternating when it comes to the size.

Be accurate with your drops

Timing is one thing, the other thing that you should take into consideration is your aim and accuracy. If you can then as much as possible, aim for the center of the platform. It can be risky if you land on the edge as you can fall off the next drop and you wouldn’t want that. It can be hard to aim for the center as we go back to the fact that different platforms can have different sizes. Just aim for the middle as much as possible to stay safe.

Power ups may not be always helpful

Power ups can be good when you need them. They are usually on a time limit so make sure to go fast when you have them. However there are times when power ups may not be as helpful for the most part. Just like the mushroom power up which increases the size of your character. That can be a bit of a nuisance if you’re trying to drop to a smaller platform as you may fall off because of your size. The good thing is that you can just wait for the power up to go away as there is no need for you to rush as you go down the platforms.

Use the bombs wisely

There are bombs that you can get along the way. Using the bomb will destroy a platform below you. That way you immediately drop to the next platform below it. You need to know when to use these bombs. Like if you would want to blow up small platforms or fast moving platforms. The choices can be a bit wide but knowing when to use bombs allows you to get further ahead.

Falling sounds easy but you need to drop accurately with the help of our Drop’d hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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