Drone 2 Air Assault Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Drone 2 Air Assault, is a game where you bomb the hell out of enemies. Then again bombing is just one aspect as it is a bit more action oriented in a sense. You have a bird’s eye view or more like a drone’s eye view. You are given missions to attack different areas but of course those areas would be fighting back so do the best that you can to survive. Dropping bombs can be tricky so make sure to use our Drone 2 Air Assault hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Drone 2 Air Assault is available on both iOS and Android.

The visuals for attacks

When you go and embark on missions, in Drone 2 Air Assault you need to know the right targets. Green targets means that they are your allies, red targets of course are the enemies and yellow targets are the mission objectives. Careful in dropping your bombs, missiles and other weapons as friendly fire can happen. Just be aware of your map before you bombard your arsenal.

Build up your ships

Your ships or drones need to grow. You can change the weapons and arsenal that your ship can have. Depending on the mission as well you need to change the weapons that you will be using to make things easier for you in a sense. Upgrading is also a good option so that you can pack some fire power when you need to. You can have some of the most basic weapons like cannons, missiles, bombs and machine guns as well as futuristic ones like lasers.

Different missions to tackle

There are over a hundred missions that you can do. You will be able to access some of them as the later missions will be unlocked after you complete specific missions or when you gain levels. There are different types of missions like destruction missions where you just destroy the objective. There is also an escort mission and the name itself can give you nightmares as you are in the mercy of the speed of what you are escorting. Bare in mind that there are also those where you act as a support and aid the main fleet in some way. That is a whole ton of missions to finish in Drone 2 Air Assault. 

Adapt to enemy patterns

The enemies in the missions can be smarter than you think. There are those that would attack you at full force. There are also those that are very tactical and will try to defend the objective at high priority. You have to adapt to their pattern like lure them away from the objective and just bomb it right away. You don’t need to defeat all enemies as long as you just complete the objective.

Participate in PVPs

Player VS Player mode is available in the game. Assert your dominance over other players when you feel you can do so. You basically just have to take out your opponent so that you can win these matches and get some notoriety.

In this game you have to bring on the rain so use our Drone 2 Air Assault hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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