Does Not Commute Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Does not Commute is an overhead driving game which sounds simple but it isn’t. You have to help people get to their destination before the time runs out. You may not see the people riding on the car but its there. You need to drive like a pro to get to those points. You do have to deal with the obstacles and the actual driving itself. You don’t have to worry as you can always rely on our Does Not Commute hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Does not Commute is available on both iOS and Android.

Get a hang of the controls

The controls in Does not Commute can be tricky at first. Even though you’re just driving around, the controls can be tricky. That is because your car will be moving at a rapid pace so you need to drive like a pro and get to your destination with haste and control.

Memorize the map

You will be changing from area to area but for the most part in an area you’ll be spending some time before you move on. By this time you maybe able to get a grasp of the map so you know where to go already even though the game is zoomed on your car. Just make sure as well that you stick to the objective where you just get to the next destination before the timer runs out.

Increase time and use your boosts

There are some items that you can see that will increase your time. Your time will increase every time you pass each delivery. However when you see time increasing items outside of your reach then don’t go for them. That is because you may lose more time instead of getting it. You also have a boost ability but you need to know when to use it. Using a boost prematurely may be bad. Most of the time you should use boosts when the time is running dangerously low. Plus you need to know the area where you will boost otherwise you will hit a wall or a building.

Watch out for the cars

The cars can be annoying which goes back where you need to drive like a pro. You may need to do some turning and reverse. You will lose time when you hit some of them so just make sure that you drive cautiously. Then don’t worry if they are going against your path.

Maybe use rewinds

You can use rewinds where you avoid hitting things by reversing back a few moments. Then again you need to know when to use it. You can’t just keep using rewind since you may end up losing time instead of saving it. Just time it right and you’ll pull it off as well.

The checkpoints

Does not Commute is a free game but you do have to pay for some features. One of these features is the checkpoint. Basically the checkpoint allows players to start off from these places when you play the game again. If you don’t have checkpoints then you start from the beginning of the game.

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