Disney Emoji Blitz Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Disney has consistently provided us with excellent game spinoffs that are both fun and guaranteed kid-friendly! So if you are on the lookout for a cute, non-violent game that you would approve for your kids, then download Disney Emoji Blitz. It is a match-3 game that lets you collect various characters that you can even include and use in your messages and more. If you are a fan of Ariel, Micky, Sully, Pluto, and the rest of the gang from the movie giant, then don’t think twice about downloading this game! Meanwhile, here’s our list of Disney Emoji Blitz hack and cheats to help you get started!

disney emoji blitz hack, cheats, tips and guide

Game mechanics!

This is a simple match-3 game with an added twist. Prior to each level, you can pick your main character to pop and watch the gauge fill up as you match combinations of that character! You can use that same character as a boost by tapping it when the gauge on the lower left fills up. Collect as many characters as you can and modify your device’s settings, so you can use them in messaging your friends.


At the start of the game, you will be asked to select one of three randomly drawn characters. Then your succeeding characters can be had for 15000 or 30000 coins! You can pick one character at a time to play and use its power up every time the gauge fills up. Do not forget to use it when it’s already available. Since each level is only around 60 sec, you might forget to tap this special little power up out of anxiety.

Complete missions!

This game is quite lenient when it comes to fulfilling missions. You may need to look for certain items in the succeeding levels and collect them, as well as pop as many of your main character as you can. You don’t fail or get penalties for not completing a mission, however, you lose a turn each time you play. Take note of the number of hearts on the upper left corner of your screen.

Beat the high scores!

You won’t beat the highest scores every time you play, but you can always try! Make sure to score as many combinations as you can and power up that special character at the bottom and use it when the gauge is full. You can take down an entire column/row/double-row and score higher points. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get to be in the leader boards, however, just keep playing every level and you’ll eventually get there.

Coins and bonuses!

Disney Emoji Blitz is quite generous with giving away coins! So play without end to earn tons of coins per level. Also, try to complete all of the items that you need to collect, at the end of it, you will be rewarded with even more coins to use for buying new characters! Log in once in 8 hrs to see if there’s a free bonus available for you. Or you can use this Disney Emoji Blitz Hack, Cheats to get free coins.

Match-3 game strategies!

Employ typical match-3 strategies like matching at least 4 of the same character or more and matching near or at the bottom of the board. This will automatically shuffle the positions of the characters on the upper half of the board and may provide you with even better moves than what is available at the moment. Match quickly and continuously to set off fever! You don’t have to wait to complete the combination to make another move. So scan for your next potential move while you’re actually making a move.

How to collect items!

Storm clouds and sun tiles are great for collecting items since setting these off will take out an entire row and cause the item to drop at the bottom. Don’t rush because you can still collect some of the items that you’ve missed on the next level. Just match 4 or 5 of the same characters at a time to earn these special tiles.

Combine special tiles!

Try combining two storm clouds together to take out double rows and two sun tiles together to take down more perpendicular areas. How about two stars together? Haven’t tried yet, but is should be awesome, since one star already takes down all of the same tile across the entire board!

More points, more coins!

Don’t think too much about collecting those all of those items at once. Sometimes, only one or a few of them will appear in a level. You need to clear several levels before you can actually collect them all. Try focusing more on popping as many characters on the board every time you play to accumulate more points and coins!

Purchase boosts!

If you have plenty of coins, go ahead and purchase boosts just before you start each level. If you think they’re too expensive and you want to save your coins for something else, then you are also just as good going into a level without buying boosts. You can earn them as long as you match up at least 4 of the same every time! So practice your peripheral vision and your reflex to spot those combinations because once you’re at it and the time is slowly ticking, it could be quite tricky.


Completing missions can help your character/s level up and earn gems! The more your character levels up, the more times your scores will be multiplied each time. Use your gems to buy awesome characters instead. First, exchange them for coins and save up to 30000 to go after your most favourite character.

Don’t forget to use your emojis!

Use your Disney emojis by tweaking your device’s keyboard settings. Add the Disney emojis to your list of characters and voila! You can already add them to spice up your messages!

There you have it, our Disney Emoji Blitz hack and cheats list! Hope you enjoyed our compilation and don’t forget to share your tips and secrets in playing this fun and delightful game! Write your suggestions by commenting below!

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