My Diggy Dog Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The story of My Diggy Dog is that our dog named Marty and his owner have traveled around the world. They are in search of treasure and a lot of things. Now Diggy’s owner is too old to continue so it is up to Diggy now to continue the quest. When we say continue, it means that he has to dig around the ground below their house from treasure and a lot more. You can always use our My Diggy Dog hack, cheats, tips and guide to get the job done.

My Diggy Dog is available on both iOS and Android.

Take your time and don’t worry where to go

When you just start playing My Diggy Dog, don’t worry about the destination. While you maybe limited with the areas you can explore for the time being, just take your time. Go into directions that you would want to go. Don’t worry about getting to the mother load right away. Just take your time and do some digging. That way you maybe able to explore more areas that you might not be able to do so earlier on.

Improve your backpack

Exploring and taking your time is one thing, but you also need a good and bigger backpack. You can improve your backpack later on from the you start off. This is important so that you can store a lot of items in one dig. One other thing you can do is to make sure that the path you are digging is close to the surface or where you will sell those items. Even if you collect cheap items for the time being, they will all add up so having a bigger backpack is a good thing to invest earlier on.

Those long digs

Assuming at this point you have a big backpack and you’ve made a lot of money, it is time to go for those long digs. When we say long, we mean deeper and longer. Before you head out for those long digs prepare for it. Be sure to bring one of the following items which are a first aid kit, chicken leg and dynamite. The first aid kit and chicken leg allows Diggy to be at least sustainable in those long legs. The dynamite is optional but getting through those boulders can be needed to get deeper into that hole.

A brave Diggy

Diggy earlier on will have the tendency to be afraid. That’s fine when you just started My Diggy Dog. You can improve his courage later on when you upgrade his stats. When Diggy is afraid he will lost health and that’s not a good thing. Just remember to make him braver especially if you go for those long digs so that he stays underground longer.

The trusty jetpack

The jetpack that Diggy has is always reliable. It allows you to move up and jump sideways without problems. The jetpack also has unlimited fuel so that’s another good thing about it. Just remember that you do suffer from fall damage if you fall down a great height.

Get digging with the help of our My Diggy Dog hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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