Digby Forever Hack, Cheats,Tips and Guide

Digby Forever was announced last month and now, it is finally here for all of us mobile gamers. The game is simple and exciting with tons of hurdles, bombs and monsters for you to explore. Moreover, Digby Forever also features ton of Cards addon that can greatly enhance your digging and drilling experience. Enough said, in this post, we will guide you through our Digby Forever Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide.

Digby Forever is available on iOS.

Digbots for earning some passive gems

Have you ever dreamed of making money while you are sleeping? If you do, you don’t have to any more, because that is possible in Digby Forever. What you need to do is investing in Digbots, a few things you need to know though. You will need to reach a certain level to unlock Digbots, which is not hard to achieve. Here are a few things to consider regarding to Digbots

  • You will be able to unlock more Digbots after reaching another levels, so more gems for you.
  • You can upgrade your Digbots with coins. The upgrades includes faster digging speeds, more reserve to hold for your coins and gems. Dig
  • At the early stage, i advise you to invest in upgrading Digbots, they are your life-saver in the beginning.

Bombs might give you some additional gems

First of all, please note that bombs activated by your enemies or monsters will not grant you any rewards. But those were ticked off by you, then you will earn gems from anything that those bombs blast, so make sure you plan your path properly. Moreover, it is a fun way to play Digby Forever, you really should do this more often.

Gifts are game saver at the early stage

As i mentioned earlier, i suggest you to spend most of your coins on upgrading digbots. So you shouldn’t have any spare coins for your cards now. That is why gifts are so important now, they can randomly reward you cards every 30 minutes. So make sure you pay attention to gift boxes, don’t miss any of them!

Focus on your characters

This is the part that is kind of annoying for me, but it is also what makes Digby Forever fun. Anything will have a dramatic minicubes exploding effects whenever it got destroyed, well literately anything. This effects is annoying because it will cover your vision of your character, hence, higher chance of getting killed at this stage.

Some monsters spawns crazy amount of minicubes when killed, so make sure you focus and don’t lose sight of your Digby.

Full Cards Explained

A few things to know about Cards, they are very useful for your gameplay, if used correctly, they can be extremely powerful.

  • You can stock 3 cards each time and try to use the one that bring you the most benefit.
  • You can have your Digby protected with shield cards, it means that you have a second chance after getting hit. Very useful cards when i reach the far deep of the tunnel, you don’t really want to waste opportunity there.
  • Slowing down your enemies is a good way to keep your Digby alive longer, you can use Enemy cards for this purpose. It will slow your enemies down and give you better chance to destroy them.
  • I personally thing this is mandatory, the Drilling Cards. It improves the speed of your drilling. With Drilling Cards, you can dig deep extremely fast, i personally have this Cards ready on almost every single run.

That is it for Rouen Gamers’ Digby Forever Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide. If you have any issue or questions, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

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