Dictator 2 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Dictator 2 is a followup on the popular game of the same name. You are a young dictator in training and your objectives are to conquer as many areas as possible and generate a lot of income in the process. It sounds easy enough but you have to please other factions and keep your enemies at bay. It is a very strategic game filled with twists and turns so make sure you use our Dictator 2 hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Dictator 2 is available on both iOS and Android.

The card battle

Lets start first with Dictator 2’s battle system which is like a card based game. It is similar to card games where you have a deck and your objective is to defeat the enemy dictator. It is a bit distinct where you use cards to settle disputes. Now as always put as many cards as you can on your field to have as many attackers and as a means to defend your dictator. Summoning cards costs energy which will gradually increase. Keep in mind as well of the abilities of your cards. Just because they have low power and attack doesn’t mean that they are worthless. Keep in mind and use their abilities to their full capacity.

Generate some income

You start off the game with a nice little area for you. When you have cultivated that area well enough, you can start conquering other nearby areas which in turn goes to that card based battle unless you’re just dealing with infidels within your ranks. In your area you should start placing things that generate income. You need to be mindful of their production rate as well as time. There are those that produce a lot of money in long periods of time and those that produce small amounts but have low turn around rates. Don’t forget to upgrade those structures as well so that you can generate more income in the long run.

Dealing with the factions

There are six factions that you have to deal with in Dictator 2. We don’t necessarily mean that you fight them but whenever you place or do something in your area, faction points will increase or decrease. You can also meet one of the factions in a timely manner. You can choose to grant their requests or not and that of course will again increase or decrease your connection with that faction as well as others. The six factions are the Police, Mafia, People, Oligarchs, Army, Bandits and the Opposition. Be sure to align yourself with the right faction and alienate the ones that you don’t like for good results.

Your trusty adviser

Once you put a structure in your area or deal with the factions, you will get results stating what happened. However when you have an adviser you can use it to find out what the effects are before doing something. That way when you know that doing this deal will hurt your connection with your favored faction, then you can still back out of it so use your adviser when you have points to do so.

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