Desperate Housewives the Game Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

There was once a show called Desperate Housewives which aired from 2004 to 2012 running for 8 seasons. Now of course Desperate Housewives the Game is set in that. You get to create your own desperate housewife and live in Wisteria Lane. It is basically a simulation game where you interact with characters to progress the story as such. There are a lot of ways through the game but all you have to do is to just answer different questions and handle different specific events. Don’t worry though as our Desperate Housewives the Game hacks, cheats, tips and guide will help you with that.

Desperate Housewives the Game is available on iOS.

Doing missions

In Desperate Housewives the Game, you can do missions. Don’t worry though as these missions aren’t action oriented. You basically go out and do a couple of tasks given. Before you go do the missions make sure you have a full energy bar. If you run out of energy during the mission then just go back to it after some time as your progress isn’t removed. Completing missions reward you with a star rating. You can get better rewards if you get a higher star rating so be sure to redo some of those missions that you didn’t get the highest star rating.

Don’t spend too much at the beginning

When you’re just starting with the game you can already choose to buy a lot of things to buy for your housewife or your house. The best thing to do is to hold back in buying those things for the time being. That’s because money can be hard to come by at the start so just wait on a bit later. When you progress with the game you can then get a better source of money as well as more options to buy which is a good thing. Plus most of the items that you buy early on are just for aesthetics but later on some can have some boosts.

A little walk once in a while

Walking allows your housewife to get some exercise so that means that they can get some nice benefits. One other thing is that you can get some items when you happen to walk around outside your house. It doesn’t happen all the time but it doesn’t hurt plus it helps when you’re waiting for your energy to recharge.

Just some cause and effect

Desperate Housewives the Game is about building relationships. Before you progress the main story, try building up your relationships with some of the characters. It can be time consuming to do so but in some cases these characters will be helpful to you later on. Speaking of building up relationships you need to answer some of their questions just right. Some answers are good but keep in mind that there is a cause and effect kind of situation. If you build up a relationship with one character, it might effect the other ones. Just keep in mind what happens as there are different effect.

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