Deer Hunter 2017 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Deer Hunter 2017 is a followup to the Deer Hunter games dating back to 2014. You do get to hunt more than just deer of course. You get to shoot down powerful beasts like wolves and quick animals as well. Then the game features underwater hunting where you hunt down fish using your spear gun and many more. To help you during this open season period of hunting animals, use our Deer Hunter 2017hack, cheats, tips and guide.

deer hunter 2017 hack cheats tips guide

Deer Hunter 2017 is available on both iOS and Android.

Pick your weapon

When it comes to hunting you need the right weapons in check. Keep in mind that different animals can be hunted in the game so you need the right gun for the right target. There are some targets that can take more abuse so make sure that you have the right weapon in hand. Different guns have different range and stats so take into consideration what is the most advantageous to getting your target. One other thing is that you are restricted from using some guns in some hunts like carrying a rifle to an underwater hunt which is useless to begin with.

Upgrade your weapon

Weapons start with base stats. The good thing is that you an upgrade these weapons later on to make them much stronger or much reliable in other fields. Power is good but you can’t just focus on that. You have to take in mind the recoil and other stats that the gun can suffer from. Just upgrade when needed as it can be costly to do so.

Practice aiming

It can be difficult to control first person type games in a computer tablet or phone. The good thing is that you can always practice when doing so. Aiming can be tricky if the controls or sensitivity of your device is difficult. Just one little tap can cause the aim to a different direction. If you can’t land the killing shot then just make sure to shoot the animal which still ends up killing it. Practicing how to aim is ideal as well to get better at it.

Choose your targets properly

You can do missions later on. In these missions you are given a target like hunt 2 wolves or a ram. The thing you have to remember is that some of these animals are fast so you may miss them or take more effort in taking them down. It is best to choose a target suited for your skills at the time being. The problem with that is some animals will attack you so if you fail to take it out first, it will take you out.

Underwater hunting

Just as we mentioned, underwater hunting is newly added to the game. When you’re fed up hunting on dry land then head to the water to hunt some fish. You get new weapons suited for this mode. Make sure to upgrade them as well. Underwater hunting brings something new as the water pretty much restricts your movement and alters your aim a bit so again just practice.

When it is open season then make sure to use our Deer Hunter 2017 hack, cheats, tips and guide to get the best hunts.

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  1. Thank you Harry Willis —– can you tell me how to purchase a STARTER PACK? One of my rifles needs to be upgraded – but there are no more categories to upgrade. I need more strength to defeat the last level.

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