Decisive Battle Pacific Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Decisive Battle Pacific is a game that uses the theme of battles at sea with battle ships. The first aspect is a base building mode where you make your base and strengthen your army for the battles ahead. The second aspect is the battle part. You can choose to battle with other players or the AI if you want to warm up. Commanding a fleet of battle ships is a grueling task but it doesn’t have to be with out Decisive Battle Pacific hack, cheats, tips and guide.

decisive battle pacific hack cheats tips guide

Decisive Battle Pacific is available on both iOS and Android.

Reap on those resources

When it comes to resources, the game is very generous with it assuming you log in on a daily basis. There are daily bonuses given by the game and a lot of them include resources. You will maybe come to a point where you will have more resources to handle and not even use. The thing you need to do is upgrade your resource outltets. That way you have enough storage to store the resources you get on a daily basis. The other thing is that when you reach certain levels you get to make warehouses that you can use to store resources as well.

Make a dock right away

Sea battles are of course the highlight of the game. That is why you should make a dock right away when you would want to partake in those sea battles. The trick to do here is build as much docks as you can or is allowed at the moment. Now just focus on upgrading one dock to the max level available so that you can gain access to stronger ships as the other docks can still make those ships.

Battle at sea

Before you head out for battle make sure that you have a good lineup when It comes to your ships and submarines. Make sure to know which units are strong to enemies and what they are weak against. In some cases you need to adjust your formation so that you can win.

There are two kinds of battles with one being the campaign mode. You’re basically just battling against AI enemies. They can be easy but will scale to be stronger later on. One trick you can do when you’re confident that your ships are strong enough is to just skip the battle. Skipping basically gets you to the results after your ships presumably have wiped out the enemy. You still get the same rewards and damages to your ship as well.

When you would want to attack other players, then make sure to plan ahead. Scouting to see their ships is ideal so that you’ll know if you’ll lose or win. Know the right enemies to take on and don’t attack enemies that are too strong.

Get methane

It can be really costly to repair your ships. Using Diamonds can be good but htere are currencies that you have to pay for with real money. When you don’t want to pay for real money then get some methane. When you can access a methane factory then build one right away or all the ones that you can build. Then upgrade them as when you have a lot of methane factories and upgraded to their max level at that point then you can repair ships with ease and that’s very useful.

Battle at high seas can be stressful but with our Decisive Battle Pacific hack, cheats, tips and guide you can just breeze through it.

One comment

  1. I don’t think it’s a good game as I first thought.

    After a three days run on your software, I discovered few issues on the software and I think it’s frustrating to the players.

    1. Upgrading credits wasn’t received after payment done. Also, there was a double charges of a single order in which I have feedback to iTunes. Could credit data being lose during weak network transmission?!

    2. Game level upgrading issues. Many incidents occurred when I met the “Quest” requirements but the upgrading of level was not performed.

    3. The “Outfit” does not appearing when I meet the command centre “HQ” 30. It seems to be a logic issue that cannot be understand by player.

    4. The game is very much self centered on “Power” issue over players’ achievement on higher “level”.

    5. Imbalance of resources requirement. E.g. I ordered and upgraded many “Coals” resources (80%) over other type of resources like “oil” & “steel” etc. and it always perform below the upgrading requirement. It appears strongly to player that resources can only be upgraded by payment and more payments.

    There are many other issues which cannot be all addressed here and it make me feel like I am paying money to test the beta / trial version. Very disappointing!

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