Deadtale Online For Undertale Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Undertale is one of the most popular RPGs in recent years. It relies on the classic 32 bit graphics presentation and it is just gorgeous. Now of course there is a fan game called Deadtale Online for Undertale. Just to be clear this is a fan game made by people that love Undertale. The original creator has nothing to do with this but the game looks like the original one in terms of the characters and sprites used. The game itself is a hide and seek type of game so to beat it you need our Deadtale Online for Undertale hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Deadtale Online For Undertale is available on Android. 

Stick to the objective

The main point of Deadtale Online for Undertale is to escape the room that you and other players are placed in. In order to do that you need to do a couple of things like fix generators to open the doors. In the meantime you’re doing this, two characters from the Undertale game namely the brothers Papyrus and Sans will be the ones seeking you. If you do get caught by them, don’t worry as you will be sent to the jail where you will simply lose time. That’s another thing there is a time limit to escape so if your team fails at escaping then you lost the game. You won’t just be competing against the brothers but time as well.

Hiding or running

There are two ways where you can avoid getting thrown into jail. These would be running or hiding. Running is a good option but most of the time those two brothers will be toying with you. One would be chasing you and the other one is waiting around the corner. Run if you can but your speed as well won’t be changing so that’s another thing. Hiding is another option. You can hide in boxes and the good thing is that you can move around but don’t move when the brothers are there. Speaking of which you also need to master the controls so that you can get ahead of anyone since they are a bit tricky.

Work together or selfishly

Teamwork is ideal when it comes to Deadtale Online for Undertale. Working together is good since the generators would be scattered in the area. You can choose to split into teams and go for different directions. You can communicate and say what you are doing or what you’re planning to do. Your team will be more efficient when you work together. The fun side is that when you’re playing with friends you can screw around and not work together. Think of it as going independently. It is like a competition of friends to see who gets to fix more generators and who is the least times thrown in jail. It isn’t an efficient way to play the game but you can always have fun with it as long as you’re doing it with friends.

Hiding and seeking has never been this much fun but of course we have Rouen Gamers’ Deadtale Online for Undertale hack, cheats, tips and guide to help you out. Please feel free to visit our Game Cheats section to keep yourself updated about the most up to date guide. 

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