Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

There are a lot of zombie games nowadays. A lot of them focus on action like gun shooting, melee brawling and many more. The key thing to zombie games is to survive regardless of the game as zombies will eat the characters. Dead Zone: Zombie crisis has a little twist where it is a simulation game where you build your settlements and fend off the invading undead and to help you with that we have our Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Dead Zone Zombie Crisis Hack, Cheats, Tips and guide

You can download Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis on both iOS and Android.

Make a lot of troops

In a zombie apocalypse, the essential to surviving is to work together. The more people working together means the higher chance of survival. The bad side is that the more people means more people to look out for. The good thing in this game is that you really need to have a lot of troops to fend off the invading zombies. The more troops you make means the higher your chances are at surviving. Make sure to have more than enough troops to last longer in rounds.

Doing the quests

Its always ideal to do the quests when you’re not doing anything or when you’re waiting for your base and settlement to finish and be expanded. Doing and finishing quests successfully also gives you rewards in the process. You can repeat some of these quests but the rewards would be lesser so there’s no point in doing them over and over again but once or twice could be good.

Treasure in the dumps

You can perform something called dumpster diving. There is a button in the bottom right corner of your screen where you can dumpster dive. Dumpster diving allows you to dig up different treasures and items in the game. One thing to note is that your War Room has to be level 5 before you can dumpster dive. Plus you need to upgrade your War Room to access deeper into the dumpster later on.

Joining an alliance

Once again, working together and cooperation are essentials for a zombie apocalypse. That is why you need to join an alliance. Joining an alliance grants you the chance to meet new people. Meeting these people also means that they can help you in your game. They can help with the building time of your structures and help in the events of zombies invading your settlement. Plus you get some free Diamonds when joining an alliance but make sure to do your part as well.

Don’t forget those researches

Doing research helps you when it comes to fending off the undead. The thing to remember is that researches cost resources. If you don’t have enough so make sure to prioritize the researches that can benefit you. Researches can be helpful in giving you bonuses so make sure to go for the ones that you can afford and go for the higher tiers as well.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse can be hard but having our Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis hack, cheats, tips and guide will help you survive the outbreak.


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