Dash Legends Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Dash Legends is a 2D runner game with racing elements. Much like running games, you need to make sure that your character avoids obstacles to get to the finish. It is a race so make sure to be on top when it ends. You can run on your own or race against computer AI or other players from around the world. A nice little dash can help you win but if you really want to win then use our Dash Legends hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Dash Legends is available on iTunes.

The daily quests

When playing Dash Legends, be sure to complete the daily quests. The quests vary from finishing first to collecting a number of stars and many more. The daily quests change the next day so if you want to complete something then you better do it because that will be gone the next day.

Obstacles won’t kill you

Don’t worry too much about the obstacles when you hit them. While you should still avoid them at all cost, obstacles won’t kill you no matter how many times you hit them. These obstacles will just slow you down. Slowing down means that you get dragged back to last place and you wouldn’t want that. The other thing is that obstacles are hard to see but just assume that things with spikes and fire will hurt you.

Stars are shining or not

There are stars that you can collect during the race. These stars are optional but they act as currency for the game. There is a nice thing about the stars is that they can show you the direction or short cuts to the race because you often see stars form an arrow to a certain direction. However sometimes these stars can lead you to your doom so be careful. Then of course your focus should be on the race unless you just plan on harvesting stars.

A cuddly little pet

Later on you gain access to a pet. A pet will not be hit or hindered during the race as they act as a sort of support for you. Pets offer you a nice little boost in some fields. Getting and using the pet that you would want or need is something that you have to think about. Do you go for pets that boost speed or pets that give you a higher jumping power. There are so many choices and combinations to make.

A useful scroll

Aside from pets you can also get and use scrolls when you play Dash Legends. Scrolls are items that you can equip when racing. Just like pets they offer you abilities that you can use. Such abilities include a boost in speed, the ability to break walls or even fly for a short period of time. One thing is that some scrolls are consumable so they go away after one use. Be sure to combine your scrolls and pets to have good results a nice combination.

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