Dancing Line Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Dancing Line is an interesting game where you guide a line as it travels around in world. Your job is to tap on the screen to make the line move according to the flow. If you fail to tap on it on time, the line will crash ending the run. There is also good music playing on the background but make sure not to get distracted with the beautiful background popping up and the music playing. Explore this world with the help of our Dancing Line hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Dancing Line is available on both iOS and Android.

Tap with precision

The key to the Dancing Line is to tap at the right time. If you tap too late then the line crashes. If you tap too early then chances are that your line will crash but if the space is still large enough then you can still tap to get back in position. Timing is everything so make sure you do your best or else you start back off at a certain point.

Practice makes perfect in way

There is a practice session that you can do. When you do these practice levels, nothing really happens when you fail. You can start off at some points so you can pretty much practice from different areas. This allows you to prepare yourself for the actual levels in hand. The gameplay is pretty much the same so just practice to get better.

Expect layout changes

There are guides or paths that your line will travel on. You can see the path so basically it is a bit easier for you to predict on when you need to make the tap. There are times when obstacles will pop out of nowhere. The good thing is that most of the time these obstacles are on the side of the path. In short they are there to just confuse you or make you tap when you don’t need to. Just pay attention to the path that your line can travel on and not so much on the backgrounds popping up. There are also times when your line jumps out of the path into a new one. Don’t worry though as the path the line will go through is still visible but just prepared if it is making a jump.

Follow the music or not

If you listen carefully to the music, there is a bit of a hint as to when you should tap. The music of course changes to go along with the new level design. You can always just rely on the music if you can listen to it well. In some cases for some people the music can be distracting. Just turn it off if you feel confident about your tapping skills. Then again the music in Dancing Line is good so if you’re good you can just leave it on and play well enough.

Guiding our little line in the vast world is a bit tricky so use our Dancing Line hack, cheats, tips and guide


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