Dan the Man Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Dan the Man is a fun platform game that is reminiscent of classics from the 90s! If you love Super Mario and Contra Team and you still secretly use emulators to play them on your latest devices, then try this game because you won’t get disappointed. Play as Dan and rescue Josie from the bad guys! Graphics-wise, it will also take you down memory lane. Colourful, fun, and exciting, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out our Dan the Man hack and cheats, so you can play the game better!

dan the man hack, cheats, tips and guide

You can download Dan The Man on Both iOS and Android.

Pick Dan or Josie!

At the start of the game, you can choose to play either Dan or Josie. You can pick anyone you like and there won’t be much of a difference in terms of the things you have to do. However, the upgrades may be different and can only be used by specific characters. If you play both Dan and Josie, then you may need to purchase boosts and upgrades for both of them. So a good way to save game currency is to just play one hero.

Explore each level thoroughly!

Each levels have secret areas where you can collect more coins, heal, or get some special bonus items that you otherwise would have to buy in store. You can always go back and replay a level once you’ve completed it. Grind and you’ll earn more points and coins as well for upgrade purchases!

Hit and run!

A good strategy to employ is to hit and then move away, and repeat. This is effective especially if the enemy has a weapon of some sort. You will avoid getting beat up. Each time you do, you lose 10HP and the health bar does not recover. You can also jump and kick enemies to send them falling off a gap, knock them back, or just finish them off. Initially, these two moves are all you can do, but play continuously and you’ll be able to earn more powerful moves like the grab/throw, where you hurl one enemy against a group of them!

Close in and punch nonstop!

If you have just one enemy that does not have much weapon or abilities, you can charge towards it, close in, and punch nonstop! This will prevent it from striking back at you. Don’t move away even for a small space or else, you will give it time to counter your move. Again, only do this if the enemy has no weapon or is wielding just a simple club. Keep multiple enemies on one side if you’re fighting more than one, so that one or the others can’t hit you while you’re busy beating someone else.

Collect coins and spend wisely!

Collect and spend coins only on important upgrades and for unlocking new skills or combos. They may also come in handy if you find your hero low on energy. Don’t spend them on equipment or weapon that you can earn later on by just playing nonstop.

Unlock combos!

Continuous play will help you unlock new skills as well. You can also try to mix them in combos that your hero can use. Higher-level moves are just awesome and will help you take on tougher enemies later on in the game. Some of them to watch out for are the high kick and the uppercut, which you can pair together for a mean combo attack. Some enemies are more vulnerable to some special skills, so use them properly. Take down enemy shields by using power attack, and then reverting back to your regular attacks.

Hope you found our Dan the Man hack and cheats list useful. Share your game secrets by commenting below!

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