Cut The Rope: Magic Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Om Nom is back again with another game being Cut the Rope: Magic. This game has a magical theme to it where you have Om Nom and numerous creatures to help you. It is still a puzzle game where you swipe to cut the rope to direct the candy to Om Nom. Like most puzzle games this one can be tricky and you can use our Cut the Rope hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Cut the Rope: Magic is available on both iOS and Android.

Take your time and retry as much as you want

Cut the Rope: Magic doesn’t have a time limit per level. The earlier levels can be easy to overcome but the later ones can have that challenge. Just take your time in solving the puzzles because time isn’t against you. Plus if you think you made a mistake then just retry the level again and again. The game doesn’t punish you if you repeat the levels over and over again. Then of course there is that star rating that you would want to get 3 at the end of the levels so if you don’t get it just replay again.

The order of the ropes

Normally there would be more than one rope holding on to the candy. You will be tasked into cutting the ropes to help give it to Om Nom. There is a certain order to where you can cut the ropes to solve the puzzles. You may get the candy without the need to cut all the ropes. However there are elements to where you need to rope to swing the candy to get some of those stars. Figure out the order of cutting the ropes to get those stars and solve the puzzles much efficiently.

Use the other creature forms

When you progress into Cut the Rope: Magic you will be able to use different creatures to transform into. The creatures are given to you depending on the levels. The creatures are the Bird, Baby, Fish, Mouse, Spirit and Dragon. Each creature has a specific attribute to help you in the different levels.

Use the environment

Early on you may notice that there are other things that you can tap on the screen aside from cutting the ropes. There are those blow pipes that push your character a bit farther. There are also those whirling stars where your character or candy can move into. Try to experiment as to what you can press and tap on the screen. These add to the puzzle elements and again you don’t need to worry about retrying a level.

Get the 3 stars if possible

Getting stars in the game is optional but the more stars you get means that you can unlock rewards later on. If you can’t get the stars on a single level then just continue on. You can always just go back to it later on plus you may need a specific creature form to get that star in some cases.

Help Om Nom in his magical adventure with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Cut the Rope hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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