CSR Racing 2 (CSR2) Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The most current version of the hit car race and drag racing game is now available! This latest CSR game is simple and all you need is great reflexes and an eye for customisation! It also offers seriously realistic graphics, updated car selections, social aspect, and even better details. So if you are a car enthusiast, this one is just for you. So don’t be afraid to challenge other players, race, win, and purchase all your favourite cars with our CSR Racing 2 (CSR2) hack and cheats list.

csr racing 2 (CSR2) hack, cheats, tips and guide

Game premise.

The mechanics and objectives are same as the first CSR. Collect cars, drag race, upgrade your cars, join race crews, customise your cars, and even challenge others on an online game. Initially, you need to rev and try to maintain the needle at the green area and then when the car goes, just tap the shift button on the right when you see the tachometer needle on the green area.

Overtime, you’ll be able to boost your car by improving elements like nitrous oxide and more. The game can be played for free, but other cars and items may also be purchased using real money. However, do not worry because, this will not take away the fun in the game and it is pretty generous with giving away enough cash for you to purchase cars and items! All you need to do is race continuously and improve your ride.

Master your launch!

csr racing 2 (CSR2) hack, cheats, tips and guide2

A good launch essentially gives you an advantage over the other vehicle, so make sure to get better at revving and taking-off to win the game. Practice and always keep the needle on the green area. The shifting will be much easier to time and tap. Do this every time you find the needle on the green.

Practice racing with all of your cars!

Familiarise yourself with all of your cars, since each of them rev and take off differently. Play regularly especially when you purchase or earn a new car to ride. Rotate the type of car you’ll use for each race to learn about their timing and win the race every time.

Save up money for upgrades!

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Upgrade each of your cars’ components—or at least a few of your favourite ones and test drive to see the difference. You can do this by winning races and earning currency. Initially, you will be gifted with 130 gold coins to spend on a new car and you can select between a few decent ones like the Fiesta ST, VW Golf GTI, Cooper S, Abarth 500, and more…We would suggest getting the Golf GTI initially, since it’s a drag racing contest, power really does matter! And then, spend dough on tuning when you reach a certain level and improve the car through extensive customisation. Sky is the limit!

Consider the kind of race that you will participate in!

Quick races like the quarter-mile ones require a very fast car. So make sure to use one that has excellent launch and possibly lighter weight. With half-mile races, on the other hand, you won’t need a car that launches quickly, but one that can go quick in long distances, so use one that can build up speed over the course of the track. Always use appropriate cars for certain types of races, this will guarantee your win each time.

Engine tuning and customisation!

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It is quite difficult to cover everything under tuning and customisation. View your car’s stats so you will have an idea about its power, grip, shift time, and weight. You can then customise the tires, transmission, engine, turbo, intake, nitrous oxide, and body to modify the previous car elements mentioned. Some cars can only be tuned at a certain level, so take note of this when you spend serious cash. At the 4th and 5th stages, you can already add parts that take time to get delivered, but that could greatly improve your car’s performance. Air pressure is important to improve grip, weight is important to better speed, etc.

Save your gold for better purchases!

Try not to spend premium currency to speed up the delivery. You can purchase special cars and epic parts using gold. Fusion parts can also improve your car’s capability and they may be used in cars of similar makes. This aspect is what makes CSR Racing 2 (CSR2) an awesome and spontaneous game, because no two vehicles will surely be customised alike.

Maxing out tuning does not optimise your vehicle!

Maxing out the elements for tuning does not necessarily give you the optimal upgrade for your car. You need to watch out how much points will be added to your car upon tuning in the upper middle portion of the screen. Tune the right elements equally or appropriately to create a car that will perform well in the type of race you’re after.

Join a crew!

Crews can greatly help you complete your missions and earn tons of benefits each time you play. Just make sure to contribute to group games to improve your chances of earning better rewards. Join crews for these awesome rewards and possibly even for bragging rights if your group constantly win races.

Challenge your friends and other online players!

Earn customised cars by winning races from PVP challenges. Maintain the lucky streak and who knows, you might just get the car that you have been saving up for a long time. On the other hand, just remember that taking on players with better cars can lose you some serious cash and car, so only challenge another if you are confident about your reflexes and your car’s abilities as well.

Try new cars by playing daily battles!

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You can use a loaned car in a one-off game, so you’ll get an idea of what car you might want to buy and upgrade in the future—that’s if you can’t decide on a car yet—which we doubt because guys who play the game certainly know what cars and customisations they would get for themselves!

There you have it! Our CSR Racing 2 (CSR2) hack and cheats list. Add more strategies to this list by commenting below!


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