Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Criminal Case just keeps getting bigger with a different expansion being Criminal Case: Pacific Bay. You’re back at it again with more cases to solve but this time in a nice seaside setting. The crimes are still as tricky as they are so make sure that you find every clue possible to put those criminals behind bars. Solving crimes by the bay is hard but with the help of our Criminal Case, Pacific Bay hack, cheats, tips and guide things will be made much easier.

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is available on both iOS and Android.

Watch your Energy

When you play a case in Criminal Case: Pacific Bay, you will need a specific amount of Energy. Let’s say one case will require 20 and another may need 30. When you start playing the case, you have to maximize the time that you have. If you fail or leave the case, the energy you used won’t be coming back until after some time. The good thing is that Energy will be restored in other ways like getting it through rewards. One other thing is that Energy can be restored when you add friends. The more friends you have, the faster your Energy can be restored.

Optimize your time in the crime scene

The crime scene is where you perform those puzzle solving elements. You are given a number of items to find. There are those that are easy to find and some that can be a bit tricky to find. When you enter a crime scene, you have a time limit that varies. You have to find the right items before the time limit expires otherwise you will leave the scene. That means going back will need you to expend more Energy again. When clicking out items, you need to scour every corner of the screen. The visuals nicely blend the items giving you a hard time in doing so. Just maximize the time you are given.

Get high Star ratings

In most games high Star ratings are just for satisfaction, in this game you need those Stars as they can be a form of currency. The Stars will be used when you interrogate other people for clues regarding the crime. You can also use a Star for doing the forensics and autopsy reports to help you gain more clues. In most scenarios you don’t need to do the autopsy and interrogation. If you feel that you have all the information that you need through one method then that’s good so you can save your Stars.

Unlock the world and more cases

Solving more cases allows you to unlock more parts of the world or at least in Criminal Case: Pacific Bay. When you do unlock some of these areas you can access more cases. Different cases have different difficulties. Just keep in mind once again your Energy and everything that you have in your arsenal to complete these cases.

Find the clues and put the bad guys to rest with the help of our Criminal Case: Pacific Bay hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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