Crazy Kitchen Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

A name like crazy kitchen you would assume it is some kind of cooking game. You are half right as the game is actually a puzzle game. Try to please the customers that you have by solving the puzzles. Give them the food that they want to the speed of light or maybe even sound. The game sounds easy enough which is to match three tiles but you will still rely on our Crazy Kitchen hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Crazy Kitchen is available on both iOS and Android.

The puzzle solving ways

Crazy Kitchen is a three tile matching puzzle game. The tiles are food types like brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts and more. You just basically have to match the same tiles as long as there are three of them. There is a nice little trick to the game which allows you to solve puzzles much faster. Normally you can only match tiles via a horizontal or vertical way. In this game you can also go for a diagonal method. There are also the other ways like matching them in an L or V shape. Try to use these ways to your advantage

Please the customers’ desires first

In each level you will need to serve a number of customers. Each customer will have a preferred food item and a number of them. Let’s say in one level you have three customers. Customer 1 would want 5 cupcakes then Customer 2 would want 8 doughnuts and then Customer 3 would want 4 brownies. You will have limited moves so make sure that you please the current customer’s needs. Even if you match food items for the second customer they won’t count unless you fully serve the first customer’s wants. Be sure to stick to the objective and please the current customer and then the next one until the last. If you run out of moves before the last customer is served then the level is a fail.

Try to go for combos and use those special food items

Going for combos can be good if you manage to do so. However keep in mind again that even if you clear of different food items from the combo, only the ones desired by the current customer counts but you still get points. Combos also increase points so do them even if they aren’t the same food items. There are also those special food items that pop out on the level. Make sure to take advantage of them as they can blow up food items and make them count to your current objective.

3 Stars and friends

One thing that constantly pops up in Crazy Kitchen is the option to add friends. You can do this and add friends and sync the game to your Facebook. The reason is that friends can help give you more hearts so that you can play longer and you can also do the same for friends. One other thing is try to aim for 3 Star ratings when you can. Just replay old levels to get those 3 Stars.

Serving a lot of customers in a puzzle game can be tough so use Rouen Gamers’ Crazy Kitchen hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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