Cosmic Express: A Puzzling Space Game

cosmic express

If you played the game A Good Snowman is Hard to Build then you’ll love the developer’s latest offering being Cosmic Express. The game takes place in space where the player has to help our little train operator in getting those aliens into their respective homes. The gameplay is that of a puzzle game. You have to navigate around the tracks while you pick up the aliens. In the earlier levels, there are usually just one kind of aliens but later on more variations of aliens will appear. Once you pick up the alien, you need to travel again in the tracks and drop the alien in its respective home. One other thing you should remember is that the train can only hold a number of aliens at a time.

You have to think between your feet and come up with a way to get those aliens home. There will be also some twists later on like holes that connect to another hole to add some intrigue and interest into the game because getting aliens home just wouldn’t be enough. You can traverse the multiple levels and not get bored as you are riding a train in the colonies of space. It is a fun game which will be hitting iOS and Android devices sometime soon. The initial price as we know for now is that the game will be sold for $4.99 or £3.99 depending on where you are. The price is worth it for the game’s overall aesthetics and gameplay replayability.

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