Cooking Craze Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Cooking Craze a Fast & Fun Restaurant Game as long as the title is, is basically a dash kind of game. What you do is you serve customers with different kinds of food that they want. Later on different food items come up but for the most part you get to serve a cluster of customers to proceed with the game. You have to be a bit fast and accurate so that you can win the game or just use our Cooking Craze a Fast & Fun Restaurant Game hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Cooking Craze is available on both iOS and Android.

Be fast

Cooking Craze a Fast & Fun Restaurant Game as the name states needs you to be a bit fast. While the levels don’t have a time limit, the customers will have a wait time. Customers that aren’t served on time will leave and that means lost income and a lower star rating. Earlier on these customers and food items are easy but later on they get challenging. One other thing is that the faster you serve a customer, the higher amount they will pay.

Be accurate

Speaking of food items, most of the time you will be serving two types of food. Just like in the early levels you start off with donuts and sundaes. Each food item has a preparation time when they are available. It becomes a bit complex later on as donuts evolved into different flavored donuts. It starts off with an icing and later on added with toppings. You can start off with just a regular donut and later on a donut with either chocolate or strawberry icing and later on they can be chocolate or strawberry with toppings like coconut and sprinkles. Each customer will have different orders. One would order a donut and one could order a regular donut with another donut with strawberry icing and coconut sprinkles. You have to be fast and accurate with what you give them. Don’t worry though as if you make a mistake in serving customers, they won’t go away. You just lose time when you make mistakes.

Serve the first customers first

Just like any restaurant, Cooking Craze a Fast & Fun Restaurant Game customers will be coming in an order. It is best to serve those that came in first since their timers go down first and they’ll be the first ones to run away when they aren’t served.

You can also change the order

While serving the first customers is logical, depending on what they order can also change the order of customers getting served. Like if the first customer orders a donut and the second customer orders a sundae then you have different items to deal with. When the donut is still cooking but the sundae is available, then serve the sundae first while the donut is still cooking. Then just serve the donut when it is ready so as to gain more time.

Be fast and serve everyone with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Cooking Craze a Fast & Fun Restaurant Game hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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