Cookie Jam Blast Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Cookie Jam Blast is your standard puzzle game as seen in today’s market. The game has cookies and many more dessert items as its theme. Travel the different parts of the world and complete over 200 levels and win them all. Collect those sweet desserts and proceed with the game. This game may not be as challenging as you seem but you can still use our Cookie Jam Blast hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Cookie Jam Blast is available on both iOS and Android.

Connect with Facebook

Cookie Jam Blast can be used to connect to Facebook. What use does it have you ask? The answer is simple, Facebook posts any achievement or progress you made. This could be something like completing level 1 and so on. The good thing is that while you can connect your game to Facebook, you can still turn off this feature. The main benefit is that you get some nice prizes and energy to allow you to keep playing the game.

Do the objective always

In each level, you are required to complete a specific task. Lets say in one level you need to take 14 waffles and in the next level that would be 20 waffles and 25 cupcakes. It sounds simple but you have a limited number of moves to do so. Failure to clear those objectives means the level will fail. Don’t worry as you can try again later. Just stick to doing the objective always so that you don’t run out of moves later on.

Expect more objectives

In the later levels, you may be happy when you see objectives such as 12 waffles and less. The thing is that sometimes these levels have more than one objective. Lets say you initially just complete 12 waffles but it then throws more waffles for you to continue which is fine if you have more moves to spare.

Maybe go for the three stars

When you complete levels you have a chance of getting a star rating depending on how well you did anyway. Going back to what we stated earlier, you can complete levels once the objective is met. However when you still have moves to spare, try to go for having the 3 star rating. This means that before you end the game you have a chance of getting 3 stars which means you can have more points and rewards.

Those special tiles

Like most puzzle games, you can unlock special tiles in Cookie Jam Blast. What this means is that if you connect tiles in a different fashion, you can unlock them. These tiles would be special ones like an X breaker or a Line breaker as well as others. Special tiles basically help you clear out more tiles and help you solve your objectives faster. If you don’t want to use the special tiles right away then there’s no need to. Even if you complete the levels with special tiles still around, you can still gain more points from them.

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