Club Penguin Island Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Club Penguin Island is one of Disney’s most interesting games to date. It is a virtual world where players can customize their penguins to whatever they would want them to look. The game Club Penguin originated back in 2005 and has been updated constantly to Club Penquin Island and is now available for iOS and Android devices. Club Penguin Island allows players to play a series of different mini games with different objectives and all for fun. One could think that its a child’s game but it is fun to play and you can have a little more fun with the help of our Club Penguin Island hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Club Penguin Island is available on iOS.

Enjoy the different games

Club Penguin Island features different kinds of mini games that you can enjoy. Just ignore the fact that some of them can be geared towards younger players as they can still be fun. Most of the games include speed tapping. Just like you need to tap really fast to get the job done. There are other mini games where you have to be accurate in landing your moves. You don’t have to make shots of course but being accurate helps. The thing to remember about these mini games is that they offer coins for you to use later on in some parts of the game.

Partake in seasonal events

There are some seasonal events and sometimes just weekly events. These events expire so you may not get to them again. The point of these events is that they are a new string of mini games that you can play. These games can grant you nice item rewards or just the basic coin rewards. Be sure to partake in them when they are available.

Customize your Penguin and Igloo

Now the things that your coins can buy are attires and items for your penguin and your igloo. Let’s start first with the penguin. The penguin is your character so you naturally would need to make it look to how you would want it to be. However the appearance brought about by the items don’t necessarily bring any kind of boost to stats or attributes. They are just there for looks so keep that in mind. The igloo on the other hand is your penguin’s home. You can use coins to buy items to spice up your chilly abode. You can buy items to make the place livelier so that visiting players and friends can stop by and enjoy. One other thing is that there are a couple of items that you can only purchase through real money and not with coins.


If you’re not playing the mini games then it is ideal to socialize with other people. There are hubs or areas in the game where you can control your penguin to go there. Once you’re in these hubs you can just chat and socialize with others. One thing that the game offers is that it has a security feature so you can’t just chat anything explicit as the game will block those words. Just sit back and socialize with other people when you have the time.

The game is fun and doesn’t seem like a challenge but you can still benefit from our Club Penguin Island hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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