How To Clash Royale Free Gems

Hey guys, In this post I will show you how to get unlimited amount of Clash Royale free gems, yes, 100% free and unlimited. But please beware it is not a push-button methods, you will need to put some time and efforts to make it work. It is free gems by the way so of course you will need to do some work instead of spending real money.

clash royale free gems

If you still haven’t played Clash Royale, you can download it here for iOS and here for Android. Let’s get started with the first methods.

Get Clash Royale Free Gems With Cashforapp

This method is pretty simple, all you have to do is download Cashforapp using your android or Apple device, and it works for both of those systems anyway.

The way it works is pretty simple, all you have to do is download apps in Cashforapps and earn points, wait what are we going to do with those points? Well, you can then exchange those points for itunes or google play gift cards, then use it to buy gems for your Clash Royale or Clash Of Clans, it works for both anyway.

You can easily earn your first $5 gift card using Cashforapps for your first day, unless you are living in 2nd or 3rd world countries, then there won’t be many apps for you to install, you can check out my last cheats for that though.

Freemyapps is also a nice way to earn some free gems for Clash Royale:

Having a similar system to Cashforapps, it is also a nice way for you to earn free gems using Freemyapps. It works for both Android and iOS, so go ahead and download them here.

Freemyapps is very similar to cashforapps, Freemyapps however, has a better installing system so you can earn your points a lot easier.

Combine this with cashforapps, you can easily earn $10 for your first day.

Wait what about Appbounty? Isn’t it also a nice way to earn some free gems as well?

Yes now you mention it, Appbounty definitely has the best system compare to the other 2, they are the most updated among the rest, they have more apps to install, and therefore you have more points to earn.

Similar to the 2 systems mentioned above, Appbounty works perfectly for both iOS and Android, so don’t forget to check appbounty out as well, it’s definitely one of the best way to get Clash Royale free gems.

Now you should be able to earn your first $15 worth of gems from your very first day with the 3 above methods, isn’t it great? But wait, there is this last system that I absolutely love and it is extremely easy to use.

Thanks for reading my post guys and I think that is it for this very post of mine, hopefully you can start earning Clash Royale free gems now and have a nice day.


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