Citadel 1986 Review

Citadel 1986 has that classic videogame look featuring pixels and classic sound bytes. The game is a 2D platformer mixed with puzzle elements. Apparently a Citadel has been buried deep for 30 years. Your character is apparently the first victim of this Citadel getting sucked into it. You must now help your guy get out of there to the best of your abilities.

Citadel 1986 is available on SteamiOS and Android.


Citadel 1986 is a classic 2D platformer. You basically control your game by making him move sideways which include moving jumping. You do need to jump in some areas such as what a platformer should be. Just be careful from jumping a great height as your character will die when landing. Then of course you have to control him during those swimming parts. Even though he isn’t swimming in animation you need to get him out of the water before the breath timer runs out.

Your objective to end the game is to basically escape. It sounds easy but it isn’t that simple. There are over 30 areas in the game that you need to explore. Speaking of exploring, in order to open new areas, you need to collect a number of keys. Doors will be opened with the use of those keys. In terms of combat, there really isn’t any in the game. Your guy doesn’t have any weapon and you can’t jump on your enemies to kill them. Just explore the areas and solve puzzles until you eventually escape.


The game features pixelated graphics. It comes as a mixture of 8 bit and 16 bit graphics. One thing is that the game is colorful to look at. There are areas that are dark because that is what they are designed to do. The background and design animations are pretty much fine. In terms of the music it does date back and sound like 16 bit games. It doesn’t sound bad but of course not every track can be a hit bit it does the job just fine. They also attempted voice in the game but everybody sounds robotic.

Strong Points:

We’ve mentioned that Citadel 1986 is a classic 2D platformer but isn’t a fast paced one. It also has elements of back tracking that some platformers don’t. You can explore previously seen areas. That can also be good since you need to go back in some areas. Try to find out what else you can do in these areas. Aesthetics are fine for what they are and it is a nice throw back for people that like these types of games plus it doesn’t look that bad. The large area is good for more hours of gameplay.

Final Evaluation:

Citadel 1986 is a game where you can invest a lot of hours into. Just when you think you solved a puzzle in an area, you need to go back to it later or do something else. While it may not be fast or action packed, you can always enjoy this game as you solve puzzles and make your way out.

This review was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers.

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