Chrono Tales Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Chrono Tales is a standard RPG where you choose an initial character with a class and you can get to build your party. Explore the world and enter traditional turn based combat with your party and some of your pets. You’ll do the other basics like interacting with other players and everything in between. Now when playing the game you can use our Chrono Tales hack, cheats, tips and guide to get ahead.

chrono tales hack cheats tips guide

Chrono Tales is available on both iOS and Android.

Your character’s progress

Just like any RPG you need to give your character a build so to speak. There are those that prefer to go for brute strength and raw power. There are also those that tend to go for speed. Then there are others that are being on the defensive stance. It starts with the class that you choose to suit your play style but you don’t have to grow that character to its default stat. You can have a speed based character with good defense but that’s all up to you.

Skills that kill

Your skills will always be helpful in the long run. The good thing is that your skills or upgrading them only costs with in game money. There’s no need for you to spend real money just to upgrade your skills. You also get a lot of money when you do the usual things like battles and doing quests. Make sure you start upgrading skills that deal damage. You can then go for other skills later on but go for brute force at the start so that you can get rid of enemies easily.

Do quests

Most people that play RPGs, tend to grind. Grinding is basically doing battles over and over again to gain experience, money, items and more. However grinding can be boring in the long run. You’re beating the same kind of monsters over and over again and you then proceed to other monsters suited for your level. Instead of grinding, you can go do quests. Quests can also be in the line of battles but there is a feature when you can auto-complete a mission. Basically you can skip through battles when you use this feature. It beats the boring nature but keep in mind this is good only if your characters are strong enough to do so.

Your trusty pet

Your pet is a trusty ally and even if you’re on your own in battles, the pet is always there to help you for the most part. When building your pet you can have it just like your character. Both you and your pet can go for brute strength or go for complementing each other. This means that you can have your pet be a support to your offensive character to get good combos.

Guilds and friends

One interesting thing is that when you add your first friend and that friend accepts you get 50,000 Coins. That is good but later on you won’t get 50,000 Coins but you still get Coins when you add friends. You can then choose to join a Guild. A Guild can be helpful to you giving you some benefits or just socialize with other people on your Guild.

Take on the world and adventure onward with the help of our Chrono Tales hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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