Choppa Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Choppa is a rescue game where you help navigate a helicopter through different obstacles. You need to save the people in the level. Getting them is one thing, you need to get them back to the raft which is the starting point. You need to overcome obstacles so that you don’t need to start all over again. Get to the chopper as a famous celebrity once said and with the help of our Choppa hack, cheats, tips and guide you can do it much better.

Choppa is available on both iOS and Android.

Those sensitive controls

Choppa’s controls are easy to understand but tricky to execute. You basically hold on the button on the screen to make the helicopter move. Your first objective is to get to the people in need. When you reach them, you need to hold on two buttons to make the helicopter go down slowly and save the people. The same controls are needed to be done when going back. The thing that makes the controls sensitive is that the game relies on physics. Your helicopter will be moving a bit wonky so make sure you get used to the game’s sensitive controls.

More obstacles will be coming

One other thing you need to worry about aside from the sensitive controls would be the obstacles. The obstacles are very intricate and there are more of them in new levels. The non-moving obstacles are easy to overcome because you just have to avoid them. They aren’t moving so that’s a good thing for you. There are other non-moving obstacles but have parts of them moving. Like those flame pillars that don’t move other than the tip which can burn you. The moving ones are the trickier to avoid. You need to avoid them entirely and there are some obstacles that are shot out as projectiles. You just need to estimate and find out that pattern of the obstacles that are being shot.

Go slowly and be patient

When moving, you need to be patient and slow about it. There is no time limit so there’s no need for you hurry up. The other thing is that if you do fail halfway through especially on the return trip then you will start back from the beginning. This goes back with the fact that you need to master those sensitive controls and obstacles.

Unlock more helicopters

One of the best things you can get in Choppa for all your hard work would be to be able to unlock more helicopters. Different helicopters have different styles and look to them. They also have different attributes. There are a ton of them to unlock so that’s one way and one thing that you can do as a sort of a replay value. One other that you can do is to upgrade your helicopters’ attributes. You can upgrade the armor, power and mass. That way your helicopter can adjust to the situation at hand. You don’t need to upgrade all helicopters but the one you would normally use.

Get those people back safely with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Choppa hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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