Cheating Tom 3 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Cheat your way to great grades in this amusing game and avoid getting caught at all costs! This is one Cheating Tom instalment that you wouldn’t want to miss. Meet quirky, deadpan, and sporadically busy teachers who would suddenly give you the eye while you’re out and about copying from your classmates. Don’t get caught or it’ll be the end of you! Ready to take on the challenge? Read on to find out our list of Cheating Tom 3 hack and cheats to help you score A+ and pass the tests!

Cheating Tom 3 is available on iOS.

Bonuses and power ups!

Time-extensions, time-freeze, invisibility, and other types of bonuses and distractions are there for you to take advantage of. Power ups appear sporadically, but you need to be quick because they disappear in seconds. You can also get them by playing daily and watching ads, even if they drive you mad at times. Also, take note that watching ads will not always extend your time to cheat. You are only allowed a finite number of times to watch in exchange of bonuses.

Upgrade your power ups!

Boosters and power-ups may be upgraded to up your chances of getting an A+ every time. Pick a favourite, whether it be invisibility, time-freeze, or invincibility (Super Tom) and upgrade them whenever you can. You can also opt to upgrade them all equally—since you’re likely to need one or all of them later on when you get to the really tough levels.

Keep your teacher busy!

A good strategy is to annoy one classmate on the left or right multiple times to make him/her tell the teacher. When the teacher gets distracted, move quickly to the opposite direction and cheat. Great way to reach classmates who are seated quite a distance from where you are.

Play daily!

Play every day for coins and other bonuses as well as to unlock new levels in the game. Also, doing so will help you clear the maps/stages quickly. Coins may be used to improve your power ups, so don’t think twice about checking your game out often. In this game, it doesn’t kill you to cheat, the more you do it, the better grades you get!

Invest in useful outfits!

Costumes can help you earn more coins, give you instant boost and speed-up Tom, and more. Save up your game currency for investments that will help you clear the game easier. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the bonus you get from syncing the game with your FB account.

Not all classmates are created equal!

Some classmates will give out the answers a lot more quickly than others, so be careful. If you think that your teacher is about to give you the angry eye, then make sure to sit or put on a useful power up to counter the stare. Get more bonuses from classmates who are more difficult to cheat from—the stingier they are with the answers, the better you get out of them. These students usually have multipliers to indicate that they’re a good catch.


Play previously-cleared levels to earn more power ups, coins, and other bonus items. This is useful if you are saving up for a really cool costume or for upgrading your power-ups to help you beat the teacher in tougher rounds later on.

There goes our list of Cheating Tom 3 Hack and Cheats. Help others beat the game by sharing your game tips and secrets below!

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