Causality Review

This post will be a Review about the new game Causality which is available on both iOS and Android. Please note we don’t provide any rating on our reviews because rating is extremely subjective and can’t fully represent the quality of the games.


Causality is a puzzle game where you help navigate astronauts in a puzzle grid using an isometric view. You can have one or more astronaut running the puzzle but the objective is primarily the same. You need to guide them to their corresponding destinations. Depending on the color of the astronaut, you need to bring them to the same colored exit point The puzzle mechanic is very broad on this one. When you swipe downwards time will move forward causing your astronauts to run ahead. If you can still make it then swiping upward, you can turn back time causing your astronauts to run back. The other element is that you need to tap on the tiles of the map to make the astronauts run at a certain direction. Arrow tiles can be changed directions to make sure that your astronauts go to the right direction. In the later levels there are other obstacles and buttons to press. Explore through dozens of levels with Causality.


The game’s graphics are pretty much alright for mobile device quality. The astronauts look good enough and the animation is fluent enough as well. The background just repeats though but it doesn’t really effect the gameplay value although it wouldn’t hurt to change it every now and then. The colors also blend well having a bright look to it. In terms of the music, it has that deep space vibe to it that has a nice haunting yet soothing feeling to it. It is the only track that is playing in the game and sound effects are pretty much standard.


The game looks good so that’s one thing it has going for it. The gameplay does get a good increase of difficulty but not in an annoying and frustrating way so to speak. It is still fun to play even if it gets longer later on. The ability to change the flow of the time in game is also a good feature to the gameplay aspect. One other thing is that Causality makes you think instead of being straightforward with it.


While the gameplay is good, it does tend to be repetitive. The only thing you’re dealing with is that the puzzles tend to be more elaborate. Give or take you might get bored after 10 puzzles since the game doesn’t really have any variety to it. The other thing is that it doesn’t have some kind of reward to it. You just play to solve puzzles and you won’t be getting any kind of items or rewards so you’re basically just playing for fun which is fine in some aspects.

Final Evaluation:

If you love playing puzzle games then this one can be right up your alley. It has a nice mechanic to it which allows you to have some kind of variety to the gameplay as much as you would want to. It doesn’t have to be an online game but it wouldn’t hurt to have some kind of competitive play to it. Play the puzzles for a couple of minutes and continue if you aren’t bored yet.

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