Castle Creeps Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Castle Creeps is a tower defense game with a lot of fun. You need to protect your castle from invading Orcs that seek to destroy it. Like any tower defense game, players have to place towers in the field to shoot down enemies. It may sound easy but the game gets harder later on. Enemies become stronger, faster and trickier but that’s alright because you have Castle Creeps hack, cheats, tips and guide to turn to.

castle creeps hack cheats tips guide

Castle Creeps is available on both iOS and Android.

Place your towers strategically

One of the best ways to clear a wave is to place your towers strategically. Different towers have different capabilities and properties. That is why knowing what these towers can do is ideal. You would want to place the long ranged towers at the back so they can add fire power. You can also add the towers that have the ability to slow down or stop enemies at the front of the waves. Mixing is matching is ideal so that you can clean waves much faster and reduce the risk of your castle getting attacked.

Don’t forget to upgrade your towers

Placing your towers strategically is good but when your towers are still on their base level then enemies can still breach your castle. Upgrading towers sounds simple but it isn’t cheap to do it. The thing to remember is that you shouldn’t upgrade towers on the whim. Don’t worry if your strongest tower hasn’t been upgraded yet. Focus on your initial and weaker towers first since they cost little and can add some fire power. It is also best to alternate upgrading instead of focusing on just one getting it to the highest level possible.

Use your Heroes as well

Your towers are good but you get Heroes whenever you reach specific levels. Heroes are helpful but they wouldn’t be adding that if the enemies aren’t tough to deal with. Heroes can come in different types and other attributes. The unfortunate thing is that when you would want to upgrade your Heroes you use Elixirs which is also the same for upgrading towers. You need to know if you want to upgrade a tower or a Hero but doing both if able would be ideal as well.

Getting 3 Stars

When you would want to get a 3 Star rating then it can be hard. Getting 3 Stars does have a lot of good rewards but in most cases it is not that easy to obtain. Don’t worry though as you can always redo these levels all over again when you fail to get the 3 Stars. It isn’t something that you should worry about unless you’re just that determined to get 3 or perfect ratings.

The mighty Sentinel

The Sentinel is a very nice tower that you can use. It isn’t easy to get but when you do have it then you should know how and when to use it. The Sentinel has the ability to attack 5 times. It can deal a lot of damage in a large area of enemies or just stop a boss in its tracks. Knowing when to use it per level is available so make sure you use it even when you don’t need to.

Defending your castle from invading creeps can be hard but it doesn’t have to be with our Castle Creeps hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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