Castaway Home Designer Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for a fun SIM-like card game to play with a summery vibe and cool 3D graphics? Enter, Castaway Home Designer! This game will let you plan and layout your own island and will also allow you to design individual homes and buildings for the people! With thousands of materials and items to choose from, you will surely enjoy personalising your island down to the smallest detail! Here are useful tips for you to use in your awesome island-building adventures!

Castaway Home Designer is available on both iOS and Android.

Learn the ropes and strategize!

This game is quite easy to learn, but it does not mean that you should haphazardly place your homes anywhere you please. You’ll have to imagine how you want your island to look like before you start building and improving continuously. Think practicality and productivity. You’ll need to consider things like, ‘will this item add more value to my home or not?’ Don’t buy things and furniture incessantly, the simpler your house/building looks, the better.

Always fulfil goals and objectives!

Objectives are there for you to prioritise. Try to complete them first before satisfying your visual appetite to hyper-decorate your home! This will help you progress in the game. Additionally, the more you stick to finishing each objective, the less likely you will get bored when the going gets tough. It gives you some sort of achievement to satisfy each of these goals and can even net you rare items and bonuses to use later on.

Re-use old furniture!

In this game, anything is possible. Even switching furniture from one house to another! You can complete repetitive objectives using the same items you’ve already used before. This will help you save tons of game currency, since you’ll have to shell out gems, coins, and/or pearls to purchase lots, packs, and other items.

Complete objectives simultaneously!

Complete the objectives that are readily manageable first. An even better idea is to simultaneously take on these mini missions and then complete them when you are able to. That way, you don’t lose too much time on one mission and get uninterested.

Heed your customer’s feedback!

Your customer give you clues on what items to place in a house. Sometimes, you’ll get it right the first time, and sometimes, the customer will complain about the colour or the kind of furniture used. Either way, learn to do what your customer says to earn more points and bonuses. Keep those houses earning gems, so you’ll be able to unlock more areas and expand your island-building activities.

Aim for good packs!

Furniture and special items come in packs of cards and you need to rack up points to earn them. Keep your clients happy and you’ll certainly do well and achieve those packs. You can also use those gems to purchase an awesome pack when you see one. Keep an eye on the rewards section to see what you need to do to earn those booster packs.

There you have it, Rouen Gamers’ Castaway Designer Guide for the noobs. Share your game secrets and tips by commenting below. Keep coming back for more updates! This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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