Breakout Ninja Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

BreakOut Ninja is an endless runner game where you control our little ninja friend. The game like most endless runners will stop if our ninja is killed with any of the obstacles. The obstacles range from idle enemies or just the terrain. Help our little ninja get farther than he did the last time with our Break Out Ninja hack, cheats, tips and guide.

breakout ninja hack cheats tips guide

Breakout Ninja is available on both iOS.

Be fast and accurate on your taps

One thing that makes the game a bit easier than most endless runners is that you have a little hint. You’ll see circles in the field and that tells you to tap to perform a specific action. Like tapping on the circle could make you jump over an obstacle like a fence or a spike. Tapping it could also let your ninja kick an enemy. Tapping on the circle doesn’t mean that you will always overcome that obstacle.

You need to be precise when it comes to tapping on the circle. If you press on the circle too early then you’ll jump to early which will make you land on the obstacle and die. Jumping too late can also mean that you’ll hit the obstacle because you couldn’t get a lot of leverage. You just need to practice and time your taps. There are instances when you don’t need to tap precisely like in instances when the obstacle is low so you’ll fly and land accurately.

Get further than the last time

When you just started playing, you’ll just hit the 10’s and maybe even more than 20. Don’t worry about that for now. Your objective is to just get further the last time you ended. That is what makes the game a bit addicting where you’re tempted to run more and further than the last time. Just when you say you want to stop, you can’t do it. This in a sense also helps in practicing when it comes to tapping and get further ahead. They do say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result or in this case a different distance. Then again you could fall off less than the last run you made.

Raise your rank

There are some factors that increase your rank and title. These don’t have any effects on the game but you can have a higher rank and play the game with more enjoyment especially when your reach higher ranks.

Compete with another

There is no online feature of the game when it comes to multiplayer. You can choose to play alongside a friend to compete who gets farther ahead. Think of it as a competitive means of fun and enjoyment. If your friend doesn’t have a device then you can just alternate playing the game on the single device. It is better to play at the same time to see who gets further ahead in a single run.

Breaking out can be hard so make sure to use our Breakout Ninja hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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