Bobblehead Boxing, a Boxing Game with a Twist

bobblehead boxing

Boxing games have always been about knocking out your opponent. You still had the chance to get up but there would be a point where you just lie down and lose the game which is natural and fair. Now there are times when boxing games are given a nice twist. Like there are those that have elements of comedy and fiction to them. Just like how some boxers can use special moves and look very whimsical. Why not add Bobblehead Boxing to that list as an upcoming boxing title for iOS devices. Bobblehead Boxing has something different going for it. Instead of inputting buttons to make moves on your character, you just need to tap the screen. Tapping the screen makes your character move in way that it will punch or bounce against the opponent.

You need to have a mastery of the game as tapping can be somewhat mindless but fun as well. There are also other elements of the game that are different. Just like having those special rounds that utilize different rings. Like a boxing ring as well as a sumo ring that players can use. There are also some varieties like balls falling from the sky and many more. Players can choose different characters that look very cartoony and fun to play as. The game will be released in September 22, 2016. The game only supports local multiplayer for now up to four players. There is no confirmation whether the game will have an online mode or not.

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