Blaze of Battle Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Blaze of Battle is one of those build, simulate and attack games. The game is set in the medieval period where players make old buildings, forts, castles and many more. The objective is to build up their bases and train soldiers to attack enemy players. It sounds good but to achieve victory much faster, you can turn to our Blaze of Battle hack, cheats, tips and guide.

blaze of battle hack, cheats, tips and guide

Blaze of Battle is available on both iOS and Android App Store.

Start off with those quests

Like most games, Blaze of Battle has its series of quests. One doesn’t need to do these quests but of course these quests garner and give your rewards. Doing quests wouldn’t be too hard but of course that is depending on the quest that you are doing. There are even some quests that you can do as you’re making your base much better. Complete quests that are easier first and they’ll proceed to the next tier. Just focus on finishing the quests that you can attain first to get some nice rewards.

Play as much as possible

The game is easier when you play for a lot of time but of course it’s not necessary. When you do play the game for a period of time it is ideal to always have your base do something. When you have something to build then build it. You can also train some troops while waiting. When you have the resources to do so then do those things.

Scout before an attack

In relation to keeping your base busy, you can also let your soldiers scout nearby areas to look for AI enemies. When you are going to launch an attack to another player base, make sure you can scout first. That way you can think if you’re going to push through with your attack or not. Keep in mind that if you lose, your resources would be all for nothing even though you get something in return as well. Just scout and plan ahead should you wish to attack.

Joining an Alliance

Joining an alliance is a really good thing to do but not necessary if you don’t want it. One of the main things or benefits that you get when joining an alliance is that your build time is done much faster. When you play the game much longer, the build time increases and you can’t use those free speed boosters most of the time. Join an alliance so that you can get more from them.

Don’t forget your gifts

There is a chest on your screen that you can open. You can get some free items from these chests and once you open one, it takes time to open another one. Just make sure that you’re updated or you know when the next chest is available to open to get more gifts as well.

In the heat of battle, most decisions can lead to failure or victory. That is why using our Blaze of Battle hack, cheats, tips and guide will allow you to attain victory even if you think you’re on the losing edge.


    1. Cheating is for weak players. If you need cheats to play at game, then you may wish to do something better with your life.. no one likes a cheater.

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