Bit Heroes Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Bit Heroes is a standard RPG going back to the old days of pixelated or those bit games. You create a character from gender to looks and start to embark on your quests and explore the world. Speaking of the world, there are numerous areas to explore and dungeons to venture in. Travel with friends or with your pack of creatures to play the game. Use our Bit Heroes hacks, cheats, tips and guide to get further in the game.

Bit Heroes is available on both iOS and Android.

Start with your character

Bit Heroes being a standard RPG of course starts with your character. You deal with the usual things like updating your gear and growing your character. Be sure to do the usual things as well like redoing dungeons and grinding for the most part.

Your creature companions

Most RPGs let you travel with a party of people. You can do that in the game with friends or random people online especially for those harder dungeons. Now the good thing is that you can get some creatures or enemies to join you. Basically an enemy will notify you if you wish to recruit it. Bribing it means that you can pay for money to get the creature over your side. Persuade doesn’t cost money but the creature may not join right away. Build up a team of creatures with you when you just want to play on your own. Keep in mind that creatures have different properties and attributes as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Quests and missions

Missions are like tasks given to you automatically. Think of it as objectives that you can choose to do and get some rewards in the process. Just like kill specific number of enemies and others. Quests on the other hand are given by NPCs in the area. Quests gives you a task where you fulfill and get a reward in the process. Most of these quests involve entering dungeons and fighting monsters. Do the quests when you’re not up to grinding most of the time.

Dungeon exploration tips

Before you enter a dungeon make sure that you have a lot of space in your inventory. The reason for this is when you enter dungeons, you can rack up on a lot of items and loot which you can sell later on for more cash. There is an auto feature when you explore the dungeons. When you turn it on, your character will automatically go to the objective point. The auto function also allows you to battle automatically which is nice when you want to grind. Finally once you complete the mission objective, an option will appear for you to exit the dungeon. When you haven’t explored the dungeon yet then don’t exit yet. In Bit Heroes, exploration is always good and you can get more items when you do so. This is why having a lot of space before entering a dungeon is ideal for you to rack up on experience, items and more money.

Explore dungeons with the help of our Bit Heroes hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

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