Bean’s Quest Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Bean’s Quest brings you back to those classic 2D platformers and side scrollers. You take control of Emilio our friendly guy who has his girlfriend kidnapped. If that wasn’t bad enough, he gets cursed and turned into a jumping bean. He now has to traverse five different worlds and save his girlfriend and turn back into a human. Help Emilio through the game with the help of our Bean’s Quest hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Bean’s Quest is available on both iOS and Android.

Jump around

The interesting challenge in Bean’s Quest is that Emilio will always be jumping. Basically you have to time things right when you’re controlling him simply because he will be jumping all the time. Timing is something that you have to get used to and you can’t really increase the height of the jump that Emilio can do but that’s a good thing in a way. There are also some instances where you have to solve puzzle elements. The puzzles basically allow you to progress the levels much faster in some way and get some of those items and Jewels.

Watch out for enemies and obstacles

Like any kind of 2D platformer and side scroller, you need to watch out for enemies and obstacles. You don’t have to kill all the enemies but jumping on them is one way of killing them. Obstacles of course vary from pitfalls to spikes and even projectiles getting launched at you. Just avoid these obstacles while taking the jumping mechanic into consideration.

Defeat the bosses

The bosses can be a bit of a problem later on. They provide the challenge that you may need. The jumping mechanic doesn’t help as much. The thing to remember is that these bosses have a pattern that they follow. Initially you need to read the pattern because you won’t know it right away. That means a couple of numerous deaths will take place until you nail it down and defeat the boss. You just need to be patient with it to do it.

Get those Jewels

In all the levels you can choose to get a number of Jewels. It doesn’t matter what kind of Jewel, they will count the same. Just like in one level you can collect 35 Jewels and in another level it can be 50 and many more. You don’t need to do it but getting those Jewels allow you to get more points at the end of the level. They don’t really do much but it adds a nice challenge to things.

The jump count

In each level of Bean’s Quest there is a jump count. Like in one level you have a jump count of 15 and in another it could be 25. The purpose for this is that you can complete the level with a number of jumps. It is possible to do one in 15 jumps but it takes some time to master. You should basically just finish the level first and redo them when you can’t complete the jump count.

Jump around the different worlds with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Bean’s Quest hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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